Flap Barriers – The Best way to Control and Manage Crowd

Technology has always blessed us with its benefits; the need for safety and security does not any explanation, and hence, the focus is always to bring in system and devices which can enhance the security.

Flap barriers and boom barrier are devices which are actively being used to manage road traffic and at the same time ensure security.

Flap barriers as the name reflect has retractable flaps which access or denies the entrance of a person. They are usually used in places where personal surveillance exists. However, personal surveillance is advisable in places where you are using flap barriers. The key reason behind the success of flap barrier is that even a disabled person can easily pass through this gate and all this happens with minimum hindrance making it a perfect way to ensure security in a place where there is a huge flow of people.

Flap barriers are considered to be more effective than other methods of security primarily because these can be easily synced with sensors and any unauthorized enter can be restricted without much delay. Because of their high-end security performance, they find application in a myriad of places.

Some of the common places of application of flap barrier include the following:

  • Corporate Parks
  • Zoos
  • Airport, railway stations, metro stations etc.
  • Museums
  • Bank
  • Shopping complex
  • Mall
  • Any commercial complexes
  • Hotel
  • Government office building
  • Court etc.

Just like boom barrier, there are different types of flap barriers, the likes of which include the following:

  • High-speed flap barrier system-
  • Low speed flap barrier
  • Remote controlled flap barrier gates
  • Biometric flap barrier
  • Card accessed barriers

Advantages of flap barriers

  • Flap barriers prove to be very useful in places where there is a huge flow of people. They are extremely helpful to the guard as they assist in controlling the inflow and outflow of people.
  • The sensor based flap barriers or the ones which are synced with access control system will reduce the security breach by restricting the entry of unauthorized entrant.

Apart from flap barriers we also have boom barriers which work as efficiently as flap barriers. Similar to flap barriers, boom barriers are also of different types like manual and automated. These can be further controlled via remote, push button or RFID tags.

Depending on the type of place one can have either of the two types installed:

  • The manual boom barrier
  • The automatic boom barrier

Whereas the flap barriers are an integral part of the entrance of a place, the boom barriers are vital for an effective traffic management system. It is estimated that there will be around 1.2 billion vehicles running on the road, this clearly shows how difficult it will be to manage the flow o vehicles and thus, we need the help of technology and boom barriers come into the picture. As a part of parking management system, boom barrier gates allow the entrance of vehicle and streamline the flow of it. This reduces chaos and promotes safety and security.

In the times to come, we will definitely see the growing application of flap barriers and boom barriers. There are many companies who are continuously working to improve the functioning and performance of boom barriers. These are the true example of how state of the art technology has completely transformed the operation of the system and how it will become impossible to survive without the use such devices.

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