Increased Penalties and Punishments against Traffic Violators will Help Improve Road Accidents

The road safety rules are meant with the purpose of protection and security of all people who travel on the road. Pedestrian safety is one of the imperative aspects of road safety. According to a report, more than 231000 people are killed in road traffic crashes in the country. And if this continues then the road accident death rate may reach 1.9 million people annually by 2020. One of the solutions to stop all this is the increase in penalties and punishments against the traffic violators. And with the time the latest technology is also used for such purpose like Automatic Bollards are installed on the highways to improve the road accidents.

How Penalties and Punishments against the Traffic Violators improve the road accidents?

The government has declared many penalties and punishments against the traffic violators to reduce the accidents. Actually, the focus is also on the system of licensing and certification of automobiles. And this process of testing and certification for automobiles is proposed to be regulated more effectively. The strict actions are taken against the traffic violators so that everyone thinks before breaking any rule during driving. The Automatic boom barrier installed at the entry and exit of toll plazas, complexes, parking lots offers security. Another solution is to use Road Blocker which comes with built in power that endows higher level of security. The hydraulic control cabinet of this security solution is installed within 10 meters of the blockers. This is the best step to make the road safe for motorists and pedestrians.

What Government decided to reduce pedestrian injury and keep the car occupant safe?

With the advancement in technology, lots of solutions are designed to reduce the pedestrian injury and road accidents. The Automatic Spike Barrier is manufactured using good quality raw material and latest technology. These barriers come in variety mentioned as below:

  1. The Spike Barrier is manufactured with the purpose of blocking the roads and having the capability to withstand against the heavy load and unique features.
  2. Another vehicle access barrier solution is tyre Killer which is used at high profile security premises, government offices, and big corporate offices. This safety solution has the capability of the damaging vehicle up to 40 km/h speed.
  3. The Tyre Buster contains the heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground. This is something like an access control barriers means this stop the unauthorized vehicle to enter in the area.
  4. The Manual Tyre Killer is very useful for stopping a vehicle as they kill the tyres of a car by using manual killer.

Automatic bollards and boom barriers help improve road safety

There is lots of road safety solutions introduced which are manufactured using the latest technology. Automatic Rising Bollards are integrated with rising arm barriers to increasing the security level. These are installed to restrict and control the vehicle access in and out of an area. The gate or pole or boom barrier pivoted to allow the boom to block the access of the vehicle through a controlled point. These are used to regulate the vehicular traffic as well as the pedestrians.

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