Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector Scorpion’700139 with proven dependability, durability, Ultra high sensitivity and ease of Operation have made it most demanded by police and all other security officers.
The models just button press, LED display indicates instant operation mode, its precise automation circuitry detects every concealed metal items, weapons (Guns & smallest Knives) & electronic components. Its ergonomic grip and sleek dimensions make handling less tiring and comfortable even for long hours scanning



  • With super high sensitivity, it can detect extremely tiny metal articles.
  • It can accurately detect all tiny metal articles
  • Sound and vibration alarm are optional.
  • Control Part: ON, OFF, Vibration
  • Indicating part: Red light indicates alarm, Green Light indicates Power and Yellow light indicates low voltage
  • Working Power supply: 9V battery (alkaline battery, rechargeable battery), rechargeable battery should not be taken out and recharged.
  • Alarm modes: simultaneous sound (vibration) and light alarm.