Intelligent Parking Assist System 

In modern days, lifestyle of people are changing. This change has effect on many industry. Automobile industry is growing rapidly to meet the need of the people. Modern cars with high end design are coming to the market. Manufacturing of cars are at high from past few years. People are facing challenges in car parking. If they are parking cars on the road they are fined and theft of cars in parking lots is a vital issue for those people now-a-days. This problem can be easily solved if you use our intelligent car parking system. We at Houston system can provide you intelligent car parking system and solution. This system can manage vehicles in car parking facilities. It can provide high safety and security to the cars. The intelligent solution can help drivers to find out parking spots in a parking area.

The benefits of having an intelligent car parking system:

  • Intelligent car parking system can reduce the time to search a parking spot in a parking area.
  • It can help you to reduce car parking mileage
  • Intelligent parking system can decrease traffic congestion on the entry point of parking lot
  • This thing can help you to reduce carbon emission

Car theft has become an evil art nowadays. We at Houston system can provide you technology and services to protect your cars. We can build up intelligent system to solve parking related issue. We can help you to improve intelligent car parking system project report. In intelligent car parking management we can solve issues related to car parking such as our system can help you to find out free parking lots. The parking system build by us uses sensor nodes and it is connected with a database via wireless sensor network.

Parking assist system can be helpful for any driver to park car in a congested parking lot. At Houston system we provide you smart sensor cameras with having integrated license plate recognition to improve services at parking lot. Our intelligent parking assist system with guidance technology can help you to find out empty parking spaces easily. Our smart sensor camera can monitor you parking facility 24/7 with no headache on you at all. With 24/7 video streaming, it can also detect motion in real time. As a result you can get control over the parking lot and increase your profit.

If you are thinking that this process will include replacement of hardware which can cost you more money, well it is not. It is not required to replace hardware to expand or upgrade a parking assist system. With our wide range of smart software solution, we will give you the flexibility to optimize features for each individual site. Software extensions can also be added if your needs evolve. Every business needs to cut excess expenses that is also applicable for parking management too. When you install intelligent parking assist system, you do not need to buy expensive gate system or even do not need to loss of space. And also with minimum power consumption, it saves your money to increase revenue from the bottom of line.

With the help of smart sensor system, continuous data on the behaviours, usage patterns or preferences are feed into smart computer software which generates outputs to optimize parking facility on a day to day basis. With the analysis of data, as the computer itself is responsible for making decisions for optimization, it is hard to argue. Or even it can be said that you can stay worry free from decision making hassles.

Our parking assist system in very easy to work with, and it is almost completely human intervention free if the parking space is big enough. If the parking space is big enough and identified by the parking camera of the car, then on the display screen fitted in the dash, the detected parking area is shown in green and the driver just has to reconfirm the selection. However, if the parking space is a little constricted, the parking camera might not always be able to identify the perfect parking space. Then the detected parking space is shown in red on the same screen mentioned above, and using the controls the driver can move the selected parking spot and then confirm it. You can use our intelligent parking assist system to park your cars hands-free. It is a truly wonderful thing that is being fitted to almost all automobiles these days.

The details of our parking assist systems and how they are fitted, what technology we used exactly and all other such details can be found out in our intelligent parking assist system pdf. The pdf might be a little different for different automobiles, but the general working mechanism is the same.