Housys series of UVSS are designed to detect harmful article under the vehicle by capturing definition images with alerts

UVSS System

Under Vehicle Surveillance System: Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is designed to enhance scanning capability by aiding users in scrutinizing the undercarriages of all types of vehicles in seconds.

•  Lowest cost and highest flexibility
•  Above-surface camera/lighting mounting: no major construction required
•  System can be integrated with optional features as a comprehensive security system
•  waterproof camera and lights ANPR (automatic License plate recognition) driver image camera compatible
•  It shall be designed to simulate a human eye for depth of viewing as if the person is underneath a vehicle inspection.
•  It shall be designed to identify objects from all category of vehicles irrespective of length or height to the undercarriage

The heavy-duty, galvanized steel robust metal ramp with built-in hi-resolution waterproof analogue based cameras and long life LED arrays as the light source.  The unit can take vehicle weight of at least 50 tonnes and can be quickly deployed for portable usage.

•  The UVSS camera shall provide full-color images
•  The UVSS shall be based on a speed-bump design
•  The UVSS shall have a weight capacity of 50 tons
•  Integrated Led/camera modules ramp can be expanded



UVSS Software Kit
Upon activation, the cameras automatically transmit the video signals to the computerized Receiving Station for real time inspection and recording. The Receiving Station consists of a computer processor system which is configured with the LINE SCAN Unit software and graphical user interface.

The undercarriage image in video format is automatically recorded and displayed on the LCD monitors with date and time signatures.

Licence Plate Recognition System which can be integrated to provide comprehensive vehicle inspection.

•  The UVSS shall provide real-time video for viewing the undercarriage of vehicle
•  History records of the same vehicle cab be displayed together with the current entry image for comparison
•  Various control level: brightness, contrast, and zoom function for quick analysis or scrutinized inspection
•  Security feature with different access level, database access, database back and retrieval



UVSS System Layout