10 Ways To Enhance Bank Security In 2016

Banks are the most sensitive place when it comes to breach of security. The news about bank robbery or forgery makes the headlines every day, so what is the way out. Although such events are uncertain yet, the modern technology offers us myriads of tools and technologies that has emerged as a popular medium to enhance the safety and security of the bank.

The loss of bank is not restricted to the bank itself rather it affects the people whose hard-earned money is at the bank and at the same time, it blemishes its credibility. The idea of this blog is to highlight some key use of technology which can transform the bank security and take it to a completely new level.

10 Ways To Enhance Bank Security:

  1. The entrance door of the bank is the main area and hence needs to be guarded not only manually but should have other measures like a sensitive electronic alarm.
  2. Installation of flap barrier and boom barriers at the parking to allow the passage of car only after a thorough security check.
  3. CCTV camera is a must at every nook and cranny of the bank including the parking and the entrance area .
  4. It’s time for the banking system to rein-in the enlistment of cyber security. Since most of the crimes and robbery are done via internet cyber-security is much needed.
  5. When we talk about bank we cannot ignore the ATMs that have become a soft target for the thieves. Hence, to ensure the security of the ATMs, the branch officers should do a random check.
  6. If possible biometric recognition needs to be established to take out money
  7. Application of behavioral analytics that can recognize some analogous behavior for the cardholder
  8. Bollards are another popular method of security check. The parking system of the banks should automatic bollards and automated flap barriers which can control the influx and outflow of the vehicles from the bank premises.
  9. Deployment of manual security guards aided with an electronic alarm system which is connected to the nearest police station.
  10. And last but not the least being extra cautious and ensuring that all the security system is in place is the final step towards the safety and security of the bank

The modern technology has to a great extent helped in controlling the uncertain events , the upsurge of flap barriers, boom barriers, CCTV cameras and other security systems have led to the creation of a more safe and secure environment. However, amidst the plethora of companies offering a gamut of choices in a security system, it becomes difficult to choose the right company and right product; but we at Houston system believe in creating nothing but the best and our clientele speaks volume about our range of products.

Our Role:

As a leading manufacturer of the quality security system and allied products, we only develop quality products that exemplify the state of the art technology and machinery. We know that security of people is of utmost importance and hence, all our automated range of products work on real-time, which means that all our products are very dynamic in nature. You don’t have to worry about informing the local authorities or police station separately, as soon as our security devices detect any analogous behavior it informs the concerned department. This whole system has been meticulously programmed by our programmers; however, this depends on the kind of security products you wish to install at your place. When it comes to CCTV cameras, our camera has the best quality lens which even captures the images under lesser brightness and displays date, time and day. The flap barriers and boom barriers designed by us are fully automated, furthermore, they are vandal free, weather –proof and free from regular wear and tear which makes them a perfect choice for your need of security systems.

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