84 Killed When Truck Ploughs Into Crowd Celebrating Bastille Day

Celebrated on July, 14, Bastille Day is the national day of France and the most significant bank holiday in France. The 14th July has become a major public holiday, by tradition considered as the symbol of the French Revolution. The French Bastille Day is certainly a joyous national day that causes admired celebrations in the streets as well as political events. Expect every single town in France actually celebrates the Bastille Day with excitement and pride, as this national day represents the initial step to the French Revolution which eventually led France to Republic. On July, 14, patriotic feelings break out all through the country; French people wear blue, white and red, “tricolor” clothes or make-up and sing the emblematic Marseillaise (the French anthem) after one – or more! – Glasses of Champagne!

Terrible attack done by a truck

A truck drove into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, killing dozens of people on Bastille Day. The French interior minister says 80 citizens have been killed and 18 are in critical condition. the reporter inform that the truck started about a mile away and plowed into a crowd of people watching fireworks on the French national holiday as there was no security equipment like an Automatic boom barrier to stop the truck from entering the zone Witnesses portray hundreds of people running in every direction, pounding on doors, asking to be let in. Other witness [reports] layers of bodies piled on each other and people taking tablecloths from restaurants to lay over them.”

Security should be tightened and boom barriers must to be placed

Boom barriers are the ideal equipment for effective parking management system. They can be used in the entrance and outlet points of heavy vehicle places, factories, stations, malls, toll plazas and so many other places where a chance of medium to heavy traffic has to be controlled to get convenient security system. Automatic boom barriers and boom barrier gates are ideal for places like toll plaza, parking lots or gasoline pumps for stopping and directing the incomers. And the security of these public places should be tightened to stop heavy traffic entering these public areas

Preventing terrorism and enhancing security

National leaders all over the world expressed their concern over terrorism and are planning to increase security so that everyone should be safe and secure. Protecting the nation is a shared responsibility and one and all can contribute by staying informed and aware of the pressure the country faces. Homeland security starts with hometown security—and we all have a role to play.

We Can’t Prevent Terrorism but We Can diminish Its Effects

  • Understand that everyday objects, like trucks, are now probable weapons. Since we are never going to outlaw trucks, those managing gatherings need to think more about extended perimeters and pedestrian-only zones for merriment.
  • The owners of gathering places need to have situational wakefulness and a few senses of their surroundings. Bouncers at bars need a little bit of training to be cautious about whom they permit in – whether they like it or not, they are now a primary line of defense.
  • Likewise, though we unwillingly persuaded that the latest metal detectors at the Major League Baseball games are probably a good idea.
  • We require planning for the outcome of a successful attack. To take one example, cyber systems need backups (even though that’s exclusive and generally just a lost cost) so that when systems are taken off-line they can quickly be restarted.

The catalog could go on; it isn’t that we prepare to “live” with fear – that suggests a resignation to its disruption. But rather we must plan to respond to the new terror reality – and that means accepting failure as possible.

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