Automotive Customers Now Seek Real-Time Solutions

Parking Guidance Solutions help people to find parking quickly. The parking management system is the access control system, revenue management, as well as security system for great boom and providing statistical information.

Parking management software

The parking solutions software connects all the components of the parking management system. Also provides access to automated control system. The parking management system helps in connections with the access control system and automatic gates, barrier control, ticketing systems, etc. It is also good for foolproof security functions. This includes security, the starting compound with an input-based RFID, which scans the Under Vehicle system and ownership of recognition of license plates systems.

Fee automated systems – Configuration management software to configure easy payment fees on parking, depending on the maturity or the payment of the tax exempt issued on the basis of management statements. Assign prepaid, postpaid Reports of statistical software – also for creating reports hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly. It is based on the main 12 reports that depends on the following:

  • Based on the income
  • Reports on the basis of the license plate
  • Access cards (pre-paid, post-paid)

Real-time vehicle counting system -The vehicle is a counting system based on non-intrusive vision. It will be installed in all levels of management; the knowledge in real time will help the number of vehicles acquired at all levels. Parking real time advice shows the number of empty houses at all levels.CCTV is optional. A video surveillance system optional multi camera can be integrated into the solution.

Committed to quality

The strength of car parking solutions  motors is tested in the most adverse weather conditions. Before installed in your home, each motor is checked at the factory to ensure about the long-term reliability. Motors and all equipment comply with the safety standards. The guarantee is obtained from an international brand. Products developed in France in a well research and development environment. At the forefront of innovation Products which is tested and approved according to the strictest criteria for quality performance and durability.

Compliance with high safety standards in the market.

With more than 1,600 active patents and more than 400 patents are registered in the last 10 years, it is the clear technology leader in the industry. Committed to the continuous improvement of the product mix in response to changing needs of consumers, more than 400 engineers and technicians design team developed for the Morning solutions.

  • Equipped with the latest products parking
  • Accessible parking spaces for disabled people with open items in all systems, with automatic payment machines
  • Contactless entry and departure access to Parker’s contract
  • Integrating Admiral Prater and cards.
  • Solutions tailored to the specific needs and not as a technology leader. Each park is unique in its claim cannot therefore provide a specific solution to a Web site, not only for the management and park management, but also traffic management and perimeter security.

The parked vehicle can be restored by pressing the corresponding position number the car is parked. This makes the car needed to turn the credit level for the driver to enter the security zone and to reverse the car out of the ground system.


  • Fast automated parking and vehicle recovery.
  • Up to 12 or 10 SUVs can be parked easy and secure.
  • It requires an area equivalent to only 2 surface parking.
  • Most suitable for the personal user or dedicated parking.
  • Developed using the electronic security field, to ensure the safety of the driver.
  • The low maintenance levels required by the system.
  • They do not need parking attendant.

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