The Benefits of Automatic Rising Bollards and Boom Gates

The common idea that most people have about bollards is that they are permanent and durable structures that have been designed to mark a particular area as off limits to prevent vehicle access. While this is one of the purposes it serves, it is just as useful in controlling access in terms of an “as needed” basis.

Uses of Automatic Bollards

While Automatic Bollards help in maintaining vehicle access, they also help a great deal in saving lives within emergency vehicle zones. If you have come across a sign saying “Emergency Vehicles Only” then you will be familiar with the purpose bollards serve in such emergency situations. It is these bollards that enable operators to selectively allow vehicles to enter and exit within moment’s notice.

There are times when other vehicles accidentally block of the emergency vehicle zones and obstruct the restricted zones around. Such situations often arise in hospital areas since most people drivers are in a hurry and under stress. This can make it quite difficult for emergency vehicles to quickly respond to emergency situations as many valuable minutes are lost in an attempt to maneuver around illegally parked vehicles.

It is due to this reason that automatic rising bollards are used to prevent vehicle access in such restricted areas. The rising bollards fully block off and reserve parking spots for emergency vehicles. They help in securing a vacant parking spot for the easy entry and exit of an emergency vehicle at any time during the day. The operator only has to lower or raise the bollard with a remote control without the support of any additional labour.

Automatic rising bollards for business

Automatic rising bollards are quite versatile and just like in hospitals and emergency areas, bollards serve a great deal for businesses as well. Businesses often make use of temporary bollards since the rising bollards help in controlling access of maintenance and delivery personnel. This prevents severe delays that may occur as a result of illegally parked vehicles.

Businesses such as event management groups often use bollards for a set period of to ensure effective control over vehicle and pedestrian traffic that usually occur during seasonal or special events. Moreover, bollards with a metallic luster give a classy and professional touch to the ambience of the parking areas in healthcare facilities and residential or official buildings alike.

Like a boom barrier gate, an automatic rising bollard serves the same purpose of controlling vehicular access but the only difference lies in its compact size. While a boom barrier gate is usually big, with a lengthy arm and cannot be installed in smaller areas, bollards perfectly serve as the perfect tool to control vehicular access in small and large areas alike. So, automatic rising bollards are generally more versatile.

Since automatic bollards do not call for costly offsite storage they help businesses save up greatly on money over time. Thus, they save up on labor cost and fuel cost as well since they subside into the ground. They do not need manual labor to pick them up and store them in their storage area.

Moreover, unlike most access control tools, automatic rising bollards are made up of solid steel. They need little to no maintenance since are resistant to weathering and corrosion. They are highly durable and serve for decades at a stretch until severely damaged as a result of a car crashing into them. Since they rise to an ideal visible height, chances of collision are severely minimized.

So, irrespective of the type of business you own, install automatic rising bollards if you have control access needs.

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