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The system of parking has been introduced to help the people to find their parking spots real quick. The parking management solutions consists the security system, boom barrierand statistical information, access control system and revenue management. The system of parking management consists of:

  • Real time Vehicle counting: The vehicle counting system comprises of non-intrusive vision that are based on the vehicle counting system. This can be installed in every level so that the management gets the real time knowledge of the number of cars that are present in every level. The vehicle counting system comprises of non-intrusive vision that are based on vehicle counting system. This can be easily installed in every level when the management gets proper knowledge about the number of cars that are present in every level.
  • Real time parking guidance display: The display boards put the number of empty slots that are shown at every level.
  • Video Surveillance: This is an alternative camera video system that can be included.
  • DVR: This is also an optional method and the video surveillance data, License plate videos, Under Vehicle Surveillance videos can be archived using a DVR.

Pedestrian barrier

The panel pedestrian barrier is kind of a user friendly access barrier that is introduced to make the processing of people quicker and better around areas like railway platforms, stadiums, and terminals etc. The modular front panel concept helps in adaptation of variety of ticket readers for the railway station along with personalized designs of every kind of card reasons for the security industry. The flap barrier manufacturer makes a series if retractable barrier series type MPR that are designed to control the entry and exit of pedestrians in the restricted area that are usually under surveillance at the time of low security situations.

Boom barriers gates are designed with sleek looks. The features include an inbuilt safety device that can suspend the motion of the boom that can meet any obstruction. The beam sensors offer further protection to the vehicles. At the time of installation, fast and slow speed is programmed as per the length of the boom as well as the frequency of the traffic. Electronic control panel is designed so as to accept the signals from different controls and security tools.

All the features make the automatic boom barriers the best in the entrance control equipment for your security purposes.

  • High torque motor that works as a better functioning that can generate up to 600Nm torque.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Improved visibility.
  • IP54 protection that makes it resistant from dust and water.
  • Optical beam sensor that is a protected device to detect the presence of vehicles.
  • Manual operation at the time of power failure:

It is used at the places of Tolls, parking areas, industries, private & govt. assets, residential areas, airports etc.

Optional Accessories:

  • Bar with protective rubber profile that can prevent any injuries at the time of any contact.
  • Circular boom section is required as an optional boom profile that can be used in case of any windy area.
  • Loop detector
  • Traffic/Flashing light

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