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We have seen many places are now equipped with some modern security devices, this clearly shows the growing dependence on modern technology and devices to ensure safety and security. CCTVs, boom barriers and bollards have mushroomed everywhere  showing how efficiently this system can manage the security of a place and restrict entry of unauthorized people and vehicle. Not only these devices are important to ensure the safety of the place but at the same time, it shows how well it streamlines the traffic flow.

Let’s take the example of bollards that have off lately become quite popular. Many streets, offices and commercial complexes have one of these in their parking space or entry/exit areas. Prime reason for their widespread usage is that they are highly efficient, low maintenance and are automated device which works in real-time.

Before heading further, let’s understand what are bollards ?

Bollards Overview:

The dictionary meaning of bollards means any short vertical post. When we talk about traffic bollards or parking bollards, then these are metallic posts which are helpful in controlling and directing the traffic. It also restricts the entry of vehicles .

Bollards are of different types like :

Maritime Bollards

Traffic Bollards

Illuminated Bollards

Bell Bollards

Flexible Bollards

Removable Bollards

Protective Bollards etc.

Application of Bollards:

Bollards have been in usage since ages however, they have evolved with times. We now have illuminated bollards, retractable bollards, hydraulic and automatic bollards but the usage of bollards is not restricted to traffic flow , they are also used to demarcate the restricted or prohibited areas. They are also used to guide the traffic and in certain places, they are used to allow the entrance of only special vehicle while restricting the others. Here are some key features of bollards:

  • Visual barriers – They form clear visual barriers showing the area o restricted entry.
  • Physical protection – Bollards prove to be effective in preventing high-impact vehicle collision.
  • Aesthetic sense– Bollards can also be decorated and can be used to add to the aesthetic beauty of the place of installation.
  • Retractable bollards – many places at their entrance and exit have the retractable bollards which move up and down. These may be automated or hydraulic and are used to restrict the entry and exit of the vehicle.
  • Bike parking bollards – these are yet another popular series of bollards which are used to accommodate bike storage. These fixed bollards can be integrated with locks to secure the bike parking and it also adds value to your vicinity.
  • Light Bollards – Bollards can be installed or integrated with lights to guide traffic and commuters in low-light conditions or at night. These can be solar-powered enabled.

Key features of Bollards:

By now we know that bollards are highly customizable device which can be modified as per the need and requirement, but what makes bollards a trustworthy device is that:

  • They are vandal free
  • Low maintenance
  • Made up of high-grade steel and thus have a longer life
  • Highly customizable products
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy efficient

To know more about bollards you can connect with Houston System, a company that has excelled in manufacturing variegated bollards under its umbrella.

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