A New Tripod With Anti-Panic Function For Free Passageway In Emergency

A tripod turnstile is basically a baffle gate or a turnstile with three rods or tripods angled at certain degrees to each other. The tripod turnstile gates are most commonly seen in the airports, malls and parking lots too. The gates are more technically designed in a way that they facilitate the locking and unlocking of the rods, to allow people to pass through the gates, once they have a valid access to the area which needs to be protected.

Hence, the main function of Tripod turnstile gates is to restrict people in certain areas, and allow only after they show a valid access or pay the amount that is needed. The tripod turnstile is quite elegant in their look, and also, they have accuracy in their performance too. With time, the tripod turnstile has undergone a lot of changes too, undoubtedly, and that is the reason why these barrier gates are dominating the market in the current state.

What are the main features of tripod turnstile?

There are many features that the tripod turnstile gates provide us with. They are listed below-

  • The tripod turnstile gate is available in many different forms, depending upon the need and the environment of work, the tripod turnstiles are categorized into many forms. For example- the Full height turnstile.

The full height turnstiles are by far the most commonly used barrier gates in the shopping malls and the parking lots of the same. The reason being, they suit best to the shopping area and also, provide a full length protection to the area. It practically minimizes the chances of anyone trespassing.

  • The tripod turnstile is in use since times immemorial. Even after being one of the oldest ways of providing barriers, the turnstiles have been modified enough depending upon the environment of work. For example- the tripod turnstile gates have been modified into a number of types. Like- the famous swing turnstile gate Even though, like the conventional tripod turnstile gates, this swing turnstile does not have the three rod system. Instead, they have the to-and-fro system with wings like structures acting as the barrier.
  • One of the main features also comes as the ability of the tripod to be easily installed at any position that is required, without a lot of worry.

The control devices of the tripod-

There are many control panels through which one can operate the tripods of the turnstile gates. The three main and the foremost panels’ are-

  1. The RC panel- The Remote controlled panel is most trusted, by far. As the name suggests, it is controlled by a remote that the owner operates. He allows the gate to open up, only after the person shows the pass or gives the payable amount. Until then, the gates don’t allow the person to pass. The only drawback sometimes is, it consists of wires or cables that cause hindrance in areas where human traffic is way more, and the elegance of the office has to be maintained.
  2. The WRC type- Wireless remote controlled type is the one which eliminates the use of wires or fibers or similar connecting cables from the tripod turnstile to the owner or the authority in charge. It simple allows the owner to use the remote and in turn the tripod, without the use of any wires or connecting cables.
  3. The ACS control- The access control system eliminates use of any remote which is in the control of the authority in charge. It simply allows the person to pass by only after the access has been shown. After checking and verifying the credentials of the card, the gate automatically unlocks themselves. Most popular and most trusted too, as it avoid the use of any human officer to look up into the checking or even looking for the remote when the person needs to be allowed.

How the tripod turnstile gates are installed?

  1. The tripod turnstile gates come with a manual that has all the instructions in it. In brief, the tripod turnstiles are firstly unpacked carefully. The anchor bolts need to be hooked, hence the holes are needed for the same.
  2. The supply unit is quite important for the tripod turnstile type barriers, hence the power supply need s to be taken care of.
  3. The cables and the layout covers need to be looked after, while installing.
  4. Follow the instruction manual carefully, to avoid any mishap or damage to the instrument, while installing.

Take a note of –

The tripod turnstile gates needs to be mounted on plain surfaces, without too many crests and troughs around.

The installation places needs to be taken care of, as the instrument might get damaged after a short period of time, if the places where the instrument is installed, isn’t taken care of.

In case of emergency-

Firstly, in case of emergency it is always advisable to use the emergency exit and not the normal or the regular passage ways.

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