Belgian Authorities Will Expand Targeted Security In Brussels

The safety and security of people have taken the world by storm especially after the recent attacks in Paris and other parts of the world that have claimed the lives of many innocent people. The need for the high-end security system is now paramount. Belgium authorities taking a cue from the previous attacks in Paris have introduced the Canal Plan. They have now expanded their law-enforcement beyond Molenbeek. The place is expected to be the home to many suicidal bombers.

What is the Canal Plan?

The Canal Plan is called so because of a canal that separates Molenbeek from Brussels. The plan was implemented in February this year after the terrorist attack in Paris in the month of November. The incident surfaced a disturbing new about Islamic state fighters number is growing in the Brussels neighbourhood. Some of them had left for Syria while other came back by faking their identities and documents. As per the plan, 50 police officers were deployed in Molenbeek along with a joint task force which focuses on foreign fighters. The task force work is to examine if the suspects are receiving any aid from outside in terms of documentation and supply of arms and ammunition.

The success of the Canal Plan:

Despite having political differences which reduced the number of officers from 126 to just 50 officers deployment, the Canal plan has proven to be a success. With so many cases being reported and many suspects being sent to detention, the plan is working towards becoming a success. Since January 2016 around 182 cases have been reported against suspects who can be foreign fighters. 21 suspects have been put in detention or are being interrogated. Overall the Canal Plan is being executed in the right direction and its successful implementation has surely induced the feeling of safety and security among the citizen.

The future :

Canal Plan and many such special plans have become a common affair in many nations especially because of the growing fear of malicious acts being conducted by the territory other anti-social elements. This has also given rise to the need for a more advanced security systems. Turnstiles, bollards, flap barriers gate, CCTVs, biometric sensors etc. are some of the newly evolved security devices that have helped in improving the security. Turnstiles are the most commonly observed security device, the various options like tripod turnstile, full-height-turnstile, optical turnstile and its synchronization with access control software and other kinds of access software has made it the most flexible and agile security device. Whether it of office, railway stations, airports or any other commercial and residential entrance areas, you can find one of the types of turnstile having its presence. The sole reason is that these devices are strong, free from regular wear and tear, vandal free and cost-effective.

With the changing times and evolving need of people, the need for more paved security system like turnstile is going to skyrocket.

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