Cape Town International Airport Develop An Advanced Boom Gate System For Parking

Parking, the biggest concern for many.  The problem of parking is quite common at the airport and railway stations. With so much being done to manage the parking, the problem still persists. Having said that, there have been various measures being adopted by the authorities to cater the parking issue.

Technological advancement has led to the evolution of many devices and systems that have transformed the traditional method of parking control to a modern one.  The latest addition to modern day security system includes:

  • Bollards
  • Flap barrier
  • Boom barrier

These are the popular ones while there are many other which are being developed or manufactured to ensure superior standard of parking management and safety.

Among these, boom barriers or boom gates have grown to be a very popular tool to ensure parking safety and security.

Boom barriers have a myriad of benefits to offer which makes them a popular choice for parking system. The recent example of Cape Town International Airport initiating the installation of boom barrier shows the burgeoning need of adept and advanced security system at the parking area.

The news overview:

Recently Cap Town International Airport made the headlines when a Bosasa security official was found guilty of corrupt parking practices at the airport. The new system of security will differentiate between the transport mode, soon the airport authorities plan to introduce number-plate and face recognition software which will help in issuing parking tickets which will be linked registration plates and a motorist’s identity.

According to authorities, this new move will help in gaining the trust of the people as well as improving the current security system.

Boom barrier or boom gates:

Boom barrier is a metallic bar or a pole pivoted which allows controlling the flow of vehicle through a controlled point. Usually, automated boom barrier or boom gate are used at parking area, malls, and building complexes, there can be various types of boom gate like :

  • Remote controlled
  • Push button
  • RFID Tags / RFID Reader
  • Loop Detectors
  • Third party access controls device

Key features of boom barrier :

  • Made from strong metal
  • Can be automatic or manually controlled
  • Vandal free
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Highly customizable

Advantages of boom barrier or boom gate:

  • It helps in keeping undesired vehicle outside the parking area.
  • Use of automatic boom barrier comes with various advanced feature like syncing it with access control or biometric sensors help in controlling the entry of only authorized vehicles, recording the car number , saving the photograph of the entrant etc. and many other features which make automatic boom barrier a great choice for parking security.

All-in-all they offer a holistic approach towards making security system full proof , leaving no loop open . The growing problem of tailgating and vehicle theft can be avoided to a great extent by making use of boom barrier.  The recent example of Cape Town International Airport shows how important is the right kind of security system at the parking.

Our Role:

With the growing demand of security system and the need to secure the parking, there is a need of an automated system which can effectively and efficiently control the security at the parking. We are the boom barrier manufacture Houston system has gained expertise in the domain of boom barrier manufacturing and we are one of the most premium brands supplying boom gates at railways, airports, commercial complexes, residential societies etc. Backed by a strong technical team and superior standard of production our manufactured boom barriers are known for superior performance and cost effectiveness. If you wish to install one of these in your locality, get in touch with us today.

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