Commuters Are Unable To Get To Golden Station Due To Ongoing Security Alert

Emergency services have hurried to Golders Green and evacuated the area. The police force has claimed they are dealing with a discarded vehicle outside the London station. This station in Barnet was vacated at around 7am.

Residents have explained the area as “protected area” as they look for substitute routes to work, whilst others said it was “terrifying” seeing the vast police reaction. As per report of the Norah Fogarty, “Something occurred at the Golders green. Bus, as well as tube station, was totally closed off as well as police moving people away.”

Few regular commuters twittered about the long distance people have to walk every morning. It is due to locking down of Golders Green station and its surrounding area by the police and they are large in numbers. But it is also true; thousands use the Golden Green station to commute every day. Also, the area is the main hub to get buses for London.

How we can use boom barrier for security

No company would appreciate that any strange vehicle barges in their building, risking the lives or probably the image of their business. Therefore, security is quite an important part for any company to run. Many go to the lengths of installing CCTV cameras, security guards outside and inside the building, and a proper check-in and check-out card systems that help to maintain the security checks of the company. But are these measures sufficient enough for companies to secure their grounds?

Probably these measures are sufficient for some, but that does not mean their security measures cannot be breached. Companies should not leave out even a single aspect that can help them maintain strong security arrangements at their company. And, parking lot arm gate and parking barrier gates are some of the measures that can help people extend their security arrangements completely. They can be used by factories, warehouses, supermarkets, shopping malls, and other busy establishments that are in need of high-security checks.

To install such barriers can help people impose security measures over their establishments. And, there are many benefits of these boom barriers as well. Some of them are cited below: –

  • Help to keep strangers off the property – This is one of the known, yet the most important benefit of installing barriers to a workplace. Security people can stop some people outside the company building if they seem suspicious or probably lock them in the building as well. If the security cameras register any strange activity taking place then with the help of these barriers, people can close all the possible exists and alert the police stations nearby. This is an effective way to keep the building secure.
  • Helps to regulate the number of visits – Another benefit of installing automatic boom barriers to the entrance and exit gates of a building can help security people regulate the number of visits as well. If barriers put to better use, security teams will only allow company employees and owners enter the building. When used along with security cameras, people can watch over any facility without any hassle. Even the license plates of vehicles can be recorded for future reference.

Besides these benefits, people also need to make sure that they are made of reliable metals only. This is because it won’t be easy for anyone to just break through these barriers easily. But the metals used should also be flexible so that any future accidents could be avoided, without harming a person’s life. Another, thing that needs to be considered is the automation of the barriers. They should be automatic with built-in sensors that can record the exact time when a vehicle passes by. If these measures are taken seriously, then there is no way that anyone can breach the security of a building easily.

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