High Performance Engineered Boom Barrier For High Traffic Flow And Low Maintenance

Technology has given many gifts to human who will not only help to make work easy abut also help to maintain safety and security. Today there are many places where barrier are used and even in many countries it is must to be used. But what actually is boom barrier and how it can be used on roads. So, it is a gate that will help to clock vehicle and thus help to maintain sequence and even during security can help to check identification of motorist. There was time when manually it is to be operated but today due to increase use of it manufacturer opted for automatic barriers. In such type of barriers gate is raised in vertical position and it is opened when there is some vehicle or person who wish to pass through it. It is best when traffic is required to be controlled and thus can be best in all situations. There are many places where such gates can be found as it is very easy to operate it. There are different series available in it like automatic, electro mechanically, tornado and many more. These all are designed and developed according to respective uses.

Technology used in boom barrier

It is running on 24 volts DC which makes it easy to make it compatible with other safety devices. There are many other devices which when integrated with barrier can increase safety and some of them are beam sensor, control system and many others. Thus barrier is flexible to integrate many other devices and helps to give complete safety. Today automatic barrier is in fashion that can be operated by remote control or even a single push button .It has panel which is  designed in such way that all coming sensors can easily be detected and also it can accepts such signals to work accordingly. It will make barrier to work alone and thus make it easy to control traffic and maintain safety.

What is Tornado?

Government charges toll fees from vehicles but it is very difficult to manage it manually. In such situation automatic boom barrier can work effectively and especially for toll taxes there is Tornado series. It is specially designed to collect taxes and it can open easily and work accordingly. It can help to get rid of all manual work and best for such places. The whole operating system in such series is able to work at greater speed and thus is best suited for all such places where immediate actions are required to perform.

  • It is fully automatic that can get opened and closed at full speed.
  • It is having technology that can easily detect obstacle and thus ensure complete safety.
  • Tornado boom barrier is not only best in use but also looks very stylish. It has epoxy paint that can give rich look and also best for all seasons.
  • It has controlling system which is more intelligent than human and thus can work effectively.
  • There are many other optional features available with such series which includes solar kit and battery backup. Thus it is dependent on requirement to opt for particular series of barriers.
  • It can easily detect any sort of fault and thus it is easy to work with it specially while collecting taxes of roads.

Uses of boom barrier

Boom barriers come with such design and technology that it s safe when security is concerned. There are many such places where security is an important concern and one such place is parking area. It can help vehicles to park according to space and thus make it easy to control vehicle in parking area without any labor and prove as one of the best Parking Solutions.There are many other places where it can prove best in many ways like shopping malls, offices where it is very important to maintain queue. With barrier it becomes easy to maintain queue and thus one can work accordingly. There are many places where over crowded vehicles is one of the most common problem and so at such places automatic barrier can really help to control vehicles. There are many such places where it is been used and thus help to maintain work automatically.


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