High Requirement Of Intelligent Multilevel Parking

Why do we require parking in big cities?

With metros coming up in cities and with the towns expanding themselves to become bigger cities, many companies have come up with the techniques of parking that solves the problem of parking the vehicles of the visitors and are very much unique and advanced a well. There are always many reasons as to why we need parking lots and parking places. The metropolitan cities have separate parking lots that are not associated with any mall or an office. That is just a separate parking lot where people enjoy the advancement of technology and also, have their vehicle securely parked at the spot.

The bigger cities have expanded to an unimaginable extent and have been facing the problem of parking since times immemorial. With roads become more congested and with the malls focusing more on the parking now-a-days, it has become very important for the companies to come up with parking in these big cities across the nation.

The NMCs have come up with many new techniques of parking as well, as even parking has become one of the major issues now.

Why choosing the area is important?

Choosing the area is another aspect that is very important, when it comes to the parking hubs. The area should be somewhere around the heart of the city, should have ample amount of land as to hold so many vehicles at one go, and there are many more such aspects that companies look for, while choosing the area for the parking hub. Some of the aspects that the parking lot must satisfy, are given below-

  1. Is it near the economic zone?

This is one of the main reasons why we have many parking zones near the economic and social zones of the city. There is a requirement of parking places near the economic zone as they are more than just being crowded and are expected to be crowded all the time, round the working hours.

  1. Does the area provide assurance against natural calamities?

This is one of the main risks of the parking lots. Does the area allow the vehicles stay protected around a number of natural calamities like floods etc? There is always a possibility of heavy rains and the area might get water logged. Even though no one can guarantee of the disaster, but the land should be positioned in a way that it plays safe against the water logging too, so that the entire parked vehicle stay safe. Again, this is why people prefer pay and park, because they also take assurance of the vehicles. The parking Information system is another aspect as to why people are turning towards the parking hubs and zones.

What are the E-Parking facilities?



E-parking is basically as system that guides through the drivers to find empty parking spaces etc. Initially this was provided by the people who used to guide drivers along the zone, but now E-parking has replaced the man power. There are many facilities that are provided by the E-lot or the E-parking technique, some are given below-

  1. It provides the empty parking spaces in the area of parking- It will show where exactly the vehicle can be parked, depending upon the size of the vehicle and the empty space. It relates both the parameters and then goes ahead.
  2. Since it is online, vehicles need not wait for someone to come and guide them through the area, E-lot takes care of it all. This has become the main advantage of the intelligent parking system that has come up in the recent years of evolution.

What is the street design for even and odd parking rule?

The design states that people can park their vehicles only on one side of the street and are barred from parking anywhere else. In some localities, people aren’t allowed to park on street, at all. These designs have rules have come up in bigger cities like Delhi etc.

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