How Bollard And Flap Barrier Are Useful For Pedestrian Management?

Pedestrian management is the need of the hour for new and evolving cities that are striving hard to become smart enough to incorporate people from every stratum and every walk of life. The unplanned cities of the previous century are getting modified and new plans are rolled out every now and then to free the city of the congestion and ensure proper management of the traffic and other pedestrian facilities.

Bollards and flap barriers are some of the devices and access control equipment which are used in modern cities and establishments to manage the pedestrians and granting them access to public places on special occasions. When the world is holding international conferences and seminars to reduce the use of private vehicles to curb pollution and promoting public vehicles and services, it has become utmost important for the authorities to remodel the infrastructure of the city to assist the pedestrians and make the roads pedestrian friendly.

The footpath and service lanes are continuously being modified to make them vehicle free and no parking zones. The simplest and most economical methods to make these places pedestrian friendly are by using the bollards. In places with high pedestrian inflow during peak hours and relatively no pedestrian movement in wee hours, automatic bollards are used.  The automatic bollards can be raised up or down at will by the operator by simply pressing the switch. When there is high pedestrian movement, the automatic bollard is raised up to bar the vehicles from entering the street and when the flow reduces considerably, the bollards are raised down to allow the vehicles to move freely through them.

Bollards save a lot of capital and manpower. Once installed, the bollards can be used for years without even the need of any maintenance. These automatic bollards need electrical power only when they need to be raised up or down. The rest of the time, the bollards go in a self-hibernation mode until activated again. The installation of bollards is not too tough a task and can be installed at nights when the traffic is relatively zero and it starts functioning within six hours of its installation.

The flap barriers are the most important access control devices or equipment which help in controlling the movement of people in unauthorized zones or in managing the traffic in public establishments. The flap barriers are installed on gates and grant access to the people one by one to enter the premises. This prevents the premises from getting vandalized or defaced by the mob as it does not allow access to those people until and unless they are authorized to enter the place.

The places which do not need authorization also employ the flap barriers and here its duty is to control the flow of people coming inside the place or moving out. It can also be deployed to count the total footfall during the day, week, month or the year. The data collected is stored in the company’s database and is used for analysis to formulate new methods if need be.

In special organizations like Commonwealth games or Olympics, the bollards and flap barriers are used very efficiently to manage the crowd. In places near the stadium or the games village, the automatic bollards are raised up not allowing the entry to vehicles until and unless they are authorized to do so. While entering the stadium, the spectators can get their tickets verified on the flap gates and enter the premises. It not only helps in managing the crowd but also ensures the safety of the spectators.

Bollards, flap barrier gates, boom barriers, etc. are the need of the hour for every city if they want to be counted as the smart cities or metropolitan cities on the world map. Houston System manufactures these devices which are of the best quality and are very sound in design and construction. Know more about the products on the official website of HouSys.

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