How the security playing important role in University

The safety and security are paramount for everyone and especially when it comes to our children then safety is something which cannot be compromised. Since most of the time children spend in their school hence, it is very important that the college authorities take respective measure to ensure the safety of each child. This matter is not restricted only to the school and children but when it comes to college then cases of vandalism, road accidents, noise pollution etc. becomes a problem for those who are living in the vicinity of school or college. So, what is the solution? The best answer to this problem is the installation of security and safety devices.

Common methods of security introduced by the colleges:

The colleges have taken the necessary steps to their level to ensure the safety of students and their belongings, some of the common steps adopted by most of the colleges include the following:

  • Mounting of CCTV cameras,
  • Availability if lockers to store the belongings , mobiles, and other assets
  • Establishment of cell that takes care of all the issues related to security
  • Installation of flap barriers and tripod turnstile at the entrance gate to prohibit the entry of an unauthorized person.
  • 24-hour safety escort services

Some of the colleges have a general awareness program where they intimate their students’ well-advanced about the following:

  • Lock your vehicles properly
  • Immediately inform the school or college authority about and person who seems out of place.
  • Store your valuables in locker
  • Beware of strangers roaming hall, lobby or even in the campus.

Off lately the safety of student has become a prime concern with the recent incident of mass killing being reported in the different art of the world, hence, adopting a new and modern method of security is very important. Although the traditional method of security like security guard etc., is important but having an automated and digitized security system ensures full-proof security. Installation of tripod turnstile is one such medium that can enhance the security process.

How turnstiles are ensuring safety in colleges?

Tripod turnstile are metallic rods placed at an angle , made up of high tensile strength material they allow the entry of only one person at a time , this gives sufficient time to the security guards to do a thorough check of the person and his/her identity.

There is various version of tripod turnstile available in the market  but, the most preferred one by the colleges and schools include the following :

  1. Tripod turnstile
  2. Full-height turnstile

These are automated and can be of push button or remote controlled type The best feature of these security devices is that they can be synced with a card reader, biometric reader etc. which ensures improved security measures. The tripod turnstile is the simplest yet the most effective one, on the other hand, the full-height turnstile are a bit expensive but ensures complete security. They give an appearance of the gate and can be associated with the access control system helping the security check.

Let’s accept the fact that safety and security can never be compromised, they are the first and the most important thing which should be taken care whether at school or at home. The advent of technology has made us avail the benefits which were difficult in the earlier times. CCTVs, turnstiles, flap barriers, bollards etc. are few gift of technology that has helped us ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

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