How The Tripod Turnstile Secure Your Whole Complex

We all know that advent of technology has deeply impacted the functioning and operations of different industries and at the same time, it has also brought forth new products that have simplified our lives. Innovation in a security system is one such aspect that shows the deep impact of the intervention of technology. Compared to the earlier method of security, the modern day security system is much more technology oriented and intervened.

CCTVs, flap barrier, boom barriers, bollards or turnstile are excellent security devices that have enhanced that have ensured 100% results. Now you don’t need to hire a security guard instead you need to make a one-time investment in one of these security devices and you are good to go. Most these turnstiles are one of the most preferred media of the security system when it comes to gated societies or building complexes then turnstiles serves the security purpose really well. Not only they are highly reliable but at the same time, they are a great example of the state of the art security system.

Swing turnstiles, full height turnstile, tripod turnstile, optical turnstile are the some of the most famous intelligent system of security that we have readily available in the market. Among these tripod turnstile are the most commonly visible one.

Tripod turnstile have three metallic rods placed at an angle. They are made up of the material of high tensile strength and free from regular wear and tear. They have been designed in a rugged and robust manner to avoid any kind of maintenance issue . Apart from the being robustly designed another feature that stands tall to make turnstile be the best security system is that it can be customized as per the requirement, moreover, an additional feature like access control can be added making it an apt mechanism to track the attendance of employees. Since the turnstiles are highly flexible, they can be designed as per the need of the client.

Tripod turnstile is by far the most preferred form of the security instrument, the credit for the same goes to its cost-effectiveness. In its price range, tripod turnstile is the most cost-effective one.

Why they are very effective:

The tripod turnstile or any version of turnstile allows the entry of only one people at a time which ensures a through a security check before the person enters the building. Since these can be controlled via remote or real-time, it’s very difficult for an unauthorized entrant to breach the security system and enter premises of a building or any other sensitive area.

Where do turnstiles find its application?

Since they are most sold commercially they find application in :

  • Industrial and Building Site
  • Stadium,
  • Sport complexes
  • Amusement Parks
  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Bank
  • Military Base

Accessories that can be make turnstile more intelligent security system includes :

  • Sensors like infrared
  • Card swiping feature
  • Coin system
  • Digital keypad
  • Remote Control
  • Proximity readers
  • Push Button
  • Biometric readers and many others.

Our Role:

As a manufacturer of various forms of the security system, Houston System has gained expertise in architecting some of the finest version of the turnstile. We have proficiency in manufacturing:

  • Turner 500
  • Turner 1000
  • Full Height and
  • Swing turnstile

You may select any of the variants but Houston System assures you with quality products and that too with 100% customer support with low maintenance cost. When we design our products we ensure that they are at par excellence not only in their appearance but in their functioning too. If you have been waiting or are willing to install one of these superior security products then get in touch with us today.

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