Important Things To Know About Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstiles are a popular name when it comes to the advanced security system. They have become a common occurrence at various places, owing to its effectiveness and efficiency they have become quite popular in building complexes, corporate sectors and other areas which demand high security. When it comes to gated society they have a proven track record being highly effective.

What are tripod turnstiles?

Tripod turnstile are one of the important variants of turnstile which has three arms which are placed at an angle and rotate at a frequency which allows that passage of the only entrant at a time. Furthermore, they are made up of high tensile strength material which makes it free from regular wear and tear. Tripod turnstiles help the security to effectively prohibit the entry of potential trouble or unauthorized entrants into the secured premises. Tripod turnstile can be accessorized with ticket system, push button, a remote control which further restricts the entry of unauthorized entrant.

Technical Specification of tripod turnstile:

Technical Specification Description
Product Details
Model Three arms placed at an angle giving one-way or two-way entry and exit
Operation Bi-directional
Drive Unit Magnetic High Torque Motor
Operation The arms of the turnstile turn down  in case of power failure or t can be manually switched off
Material Made up of high tensile strength making  it free from regular wear and tear.

How they function:

Tripod turnstile easy to use .The arms of the turnstile can rotate in the uni-directional or bi-directional way. They are controlled by the access control system or via push button. Once the entrant gains the permission to enter, the arms inch forward demarcating that the entrant has been granted the access to enter the premises. After applying the pressure, the arm completes the cycle and the person can enter the premises.

Advantages of tripod turnstile:

  • The electronic braking system tripod turnstile has been designed o ensure that the unit doesn’t lock up o user.
  • In the case of emergency of power failure, the turnstile has a fail safe design which allows the arm to turn free.
  • They have been designed aesthetically to blend with the design of the building and can have decorative tops making them perfectly match the architecture of the building.
  • Card readers can be mounted on the tripod turnstile to make it more effective in proving high-grade security.
  • Being made of a material of high tensile strength they can be rigorously used without the fear of wear and tear.

Tripod turnstiles are compact, affordable, easy to use, fast operating the device to ensure security. They are a perfect choice for places that are highly sensitive and require thorough security check before allowing the entry of the person into the premises.

There are many companies offering a range of turnstiles which are highly effective and guaranteeing efficient security measures. Thus, it becomes important that while making a choice of tripod turnstile take the above-mentioned criteria into account.

Tripod turnstile can be manually operated or can be motorized; however, it is advisable to use the motorized one as it frees you from the burden of appointing a staff to control the device. Moreover, the motorized version is automated and is efficient in working as compared to the manually operated tripod turnstile.


It’s no denial that tripod turnstile matches the variegated requirement of the customers and having one of these in your building, complexes, malls must in times like today where the safety and security of people are of high concern. Security is something which can never be compromised and tripod turnstiles have come up as an important device that ensures the safety of people and that too efficiently.


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