New Boom Barriers to close earlier on Frankston Level Crossing

What led to the rise of automatic boom barrier?

We all are aware that the traffic is increasing at a very fast pace and it is emerging as a big problem these days and hence, it has become very important to control the vehicles. There are many accidents that take the race on road, so many cases of trespassing and unauthorized entries happen, one of the prime reason behind this is an excessive number of vehicles that have flooded the road. Installing boom gates at several places can effectively control vehicle movement and at the same time it will help in reducing the number of accidents.

Till now a lot has been said about boom barrier and its application but what are these boom barriers? They are horizontal bars pivoted at an end; they are installed specifically to control vehicle movement and restrict unauthorized entry.

Types of Boom Barriers-

Boom barriers have been in usage for a long time, although they have evolved with time and now we have a gamut of choices, the two most common types of boom barriers that you can easily find is :

  • Manual boom barriers
  • Automatic boom barriers

As compared to manual boom barriers, automatic boom barriers are more popular. One of the key features that one should take into consideration while buying or installing boom barrier is its design, it should be designed with right color and theme . Most of the boom barriers are colored red, yellow or black. Despite its growing importance, many people fail to understand the growing importance of boom barriers, which can later result in some serious accidents and poor vehicle movement control.

Apart from controlling and managing the vehicle flow in your premises, boom barriers and also prove beneficial in case you want to keep a record of the vehicles are that are entering and leaving your premises. And of course, controlling vehicle movement is yet another benefit of installing automatic boom barriers.  It also helps in restricting the entrance of unwanted and unauthorized vehicles in your premises. Automatic boom barriers have an edge over the traditional manual boom barrier and hence, they are a bit expensive when compared to manual boom barrier.

Depending on your requirement you can choose to have a manual gate or automatic boom barrier, but we suggest having one of these at your place to ensure proper vehicle movement management. Automatic boom barriers are advanced and can be synced with access control system which makes them even more full-proof and is more expensive. In the case of automatic boom barrier they are either controlled via remote or are sensor based and hence you don’t need an operator to make it function thus, it’s more expensive than manual boom barriers.

Having one of these at your premises will definitely ensure safety and security and easy management of vehicle movement.

An important point to note here is that having boom barriers at your place or any other checkpoints or level crossings ensures safety but at the same time it demands some extra time that one needs to spend waiting for their turn.

Frankston crossings experienced the same situation. The boom gets placed at Frankston, Werribee, and Williamstown lines will lower 15 seconds earlier when the train will approach the crossing. The move will definitely demand more time spend behind the crossing but is much required as its the preparation for upcoming eight new X’Trapolis trains which will run later this year on these lines. This move has been initiated to help commuters prepare to wait for a longer duration and to ensure safety and security of people . These trains have higher acceleration as compared to other trains hence; to avoid the risk of road-rail smash this step has been initiated. Overall, 46 level crossings and 33 pedestrian crossings will have air wait time extended.

Conclusion – Installation of boom gates is a great way to ensure road safety and traffic management hence, it has become integral to have one of these at your commercial complexes, residential premises and other places where there is a huge flow of traffic.


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