Pink Color Checkpoints Launched On Chinese Airport

Pink check points as well as parking lots are in the proposal but the parking lots are not accepted as they take a very large space for a single car. The introduction of these pink check points is growing as they are creating safety to the female passengers and also convenient to them. The queues are now clearing fast as there is a separate line for ladies. This is a good idea and a safer one to follow. The women protection is important. And even in cases of any threat the fem ale passengers are checked thoroughly only in these pink color checkpoints.  Previously there are chances of female threats to escape as they are not thoroughly checked. The other reasons for this pink color check points are to decrease the stress on the security as well as the passengers. The inconvenience caused by the security check has now come to an end with the introduction of the pink color check points. The expectations of spreading these pink color check points in all over the world is increasing. The use of the security equipment is also increasing to make the check more precise. The gates and the scanners and the detectors are being used by the female security staff also.


To say pink is represents women as it is mostly used by them. This is not only a color for fashion but the air port of china has started the pink colored check points for women. So the introduction of these check points is to decrease the time for checking as in a single queue checking both men and women will take a lot of time. And also when some of the passengers are feeling little uncomfortable during checking by a male security.

Women are little hard to handle by male security as they need more time to pass through and the women security will bring the women to the other line. But all this is completely a waste of time. The idea is like a separate wash room for women. This is made only to respect the gender.

Men just carry a few articles with them but women carry a lot and all needs to be checked. And the response for these pink color check points is increasingly responsive.

There are few airports that are maintaining pink check points for women and they are Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport and Beijing airport Cui Chenying airport.

Coming to the benefits of these checkpoints, they are for the protection of the passengers and the flight from any threats and any illegal goods that are not supposed to carry in a flight. These checkpoints are using the security equipment to ensure no weapons and other equipment are being carried. These scanners and metal detectors are used only to secure the airports and to stop any loss of lives. These security measures are followed in every airport and the pink checkpoints will save time and are convenient and comfortable for all the women passengers.

The security gates acts as a barrier in the checkpoints and these are commonly tripod turnstile gate and many others. These tripod gates are very flexible and comfortable for all the pedestrians. Only individuals can pass. The other type is full height turnstile and this is for total security and it allows only one person at a time and it turns at an angle of 360 degrees.

The flap barrier gate is one of its kinds as it has strong barrier and are completely robust and these are equipped with sensors that are quick in response and are completely safe. These are usually made with a motor and they are so silent in working. The design and the material used for these panels are again light material and strong materials to stop any force operation.

Using these entire equipment one cannot be able to pass through the gate and different gates are for different purposes. The pedestrian gates are supportive for old people and also some physically challenged people. These are all integrated when there is any emergency and also any accident.


These safety measures are helpful in identifying the threats as well as any illegal transport or any other activities that are carried by female passengers. In previous days before the introduction of these pink check points the female passengers are not checked thoroughly and are sent through the metal detector and only a few people are checked by the female security staff. Later with the increase in the threats by the female passengers the security has tightened the checking process. This has become a challenge to control the floating passengers. So for this a separate queue for female passengers has come into action and this resulted in the pink color check point. These check pints are now serving the purpose of checking without any inconvenience to any of the passengers.


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