Smarter Security Leads The Tripod Turnstile In Speed Gate Industries

Security is one thing that cannot be ignore in any place. Be it an office lobby or any other such place which requires innumerable number of people to access the gates every day. While many offices and other buildings are still going for the conventional gate system, the one product that has definitely changed the amount of people who enter an area is the turnstile or the tripod turnstile.

Why turnstile tripod?

These have many advantages and one of them is that the security guard can always get the proper head count to as only a single person is allowed to enter the premises. In most cases, the tripod turnstile will even have an access code and an authorization system which will only allow people who have proper entry cards. Much like in an office building, only much more technological! Since only a single person will be entering the premises, the guards or any other person in charge can easily get rid of any suspicious person or belongings. They can isolate them and question them in a different place rather than creating a commotion among everyone.

Smart security with tripod turnstile

Many places in America have already adopted the tripod turnstile because of the increasing number of pedestrians. Tripod turnstile manufacturers are getting a lot of business as this equipment is highly in demand and will help the authorities get everything right.

The pedestrian entrance control equipment report has already shown that there has been a 19.2% growth in the sales of tripod turnstile since the year 2012. This shows that America has already started taking note of the importance of speed gate control equipment. And tripod turnstile is not the only control equipment when it comes to maintaining the decorum of the road and the traffic.

Flap barriers or commonly known as boom barriers are also being used in high security areas to ensure that no one passes an area without the authority of the concerned party. While tripod turnstiles are for pedestrians, one can say that flap barriers are supposed to stop vehicles.

America has seen a hike in the sales of not only the tripod turnstile but other equipments as well which includes security doors and the full-height turnstiles as well. Full height turnstiles offer even more advanced levels of security compared to the others.

HoustonSystems have been known to manufacture the best tripod turnstiles. They have been manufacturing products that will protect people from unknown danger and also improve the security. The best part about HoustonSystems is that they are always coming up with new technology to produce an even better product than they had in the past.

When you get tripod turnstiles manufactured by R&D professionals, you are bound to feel safe. The level of excellence of the products of this company is beyond words. They have great technology coupled with sleek designs that give it the perfect finish.

Some of the tripod turnstiles manufactured by them also have built in sensor system. Also, with technology becoming the focus of this company, they will couple the tripod turnstiles with future technology of IT like Bluetooth, RFID readers and even biometrics.

Smart security will go one step ahead as they may manufacture equipments with wearable devices or even wireless ones. They will be incorporating more software in their devices.

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