Tripod Become A Suitable Safety Equipment In Public Transport

Tripod turnstile has long been used for managing and controlling the huge flow of the crowd. Turnstiles are metallic barriers which allow the passage of only one entrant at a time. The rising need of security and demand for the safety of people has made it very popular. Turnstiles can be manually rated or they can be motor controlled. Not only this there is sensor based turnstile which is now being used in various places like railways stations, airports, corporate lobbies, military base camps, etc.

A brief overview on sensor based turnstile:

This turnstile integrates sensor monitoring and automated sliding doors which pull back into the housing with and arching motion. This ensures the age through sensor based turnstile comfortable and contactless. Moreover, unlike the tripod trusted the half-gate sensor, based turnstile allows the passage of the person and luggage with minimal or no discomfort at all.

Also, the sensor system ensures a higher level of safety. Moreover their various variants available in the market to choose from, the likes include :

  1. The glass door
  2. Stainless steel housing

The best feature of the sensor based tripod turnstile is that they add t the aesthetic beauty of the place. Not only they are easy to use but they have been designed to easily blend with the design and architecture of the place.

Advantage of turnstile:

Turnstile offers myriads of advantages, some of these we have incorporated in this blog:

  • They have a unique protection sensor.The sensor based turnstile usually have V-shaped sensor strips and vertical light grid which allows the movement of one person at a time
  • It offers easy passage even with luggage
  • There is enough space for movement which prevents any kind of contact with the s;sliding doors or glasses.
  • They have a rugged and robust stainless steel body.
  • It has automatic sneak-by guard
  • Is fitted with acoustic alarm , which rings in case of unauthorized entry
  • Child detection
  • Vandal free
  • Free from regular wear and tear


Applications of turnstile:

By now we have become well-aware about the design and pattern of Turnstile. Now, we will focus on the areas of application of turnstile. The prime objective of installing a turnstile is to control and manage the crowd and ensure safety and security of people, however, there are other applications that turnstile has and we have enlisted here a few important ones:

  • Used in entrance foyers to help the staff at reception
  • Access to areas which only allows the entry of members of the staff like laboratories, military camps etc.
  • Access to company premises
  • At the airport and railway stations.

Turnstile is highly customizable products which can be synced with additional features making it an ultimate source of security. The installing of such security devices becomes extremely important at places where there are huge influx and outflow if people. Places like courts, schools, parking areas, malls where thousands of people flood day in and are; having a security device like sensor based turnstile ensure through security checks and at the same time it streamlines the flow of people. Turnstiles stand unrivaled when it comes to its effectiveness and efficiency .

Our Role:

Houston System has gained expertise in manufacturing all variants of a turnstile at its manufacturing unit We have always ensured making use of the  modern technology to develop security devices that become an emblem of quality and performance.

 Our designed turnstile are strong, wear and tear free, vandal free , energy efficient and cost effective. The crux of the matter is that we have created products that are synonymous with high-end security. Get in touch with us to know more about our product range and its benefit for you.

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