True Value Of Automatic Rising Bollard In Safety, Security And Design

People started making bollards using iron for good strength and durability. At present, their main aim is to control traffic and protect properties and people from collisions. On a side note, they can also be used to complement the building structure and landscapes to give a beautiful sight of the place. One would have witnessed these bollards in their daily life, but do they know what are the different types and uses of these bollards?  The types of these bollards are as follows:

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards are installed several feet deep into the concrete to give a permanent fixture. Site conditions, soil type and other factors are also taken in to consideration.

Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards are usually used where the entry or approach points are changed frequently. Locking features can also be used in it, so that it won’t be removed without prior authorization. The main thing is these don’t withstand high-impact collisions and not suitable for locations where ramming activities are frequent.

Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards pull in below the floor level either through manual or automatic operation. But the latter is very suitable. It can be of hydraulic or electric mode. Automatic hydraulic rising bollards are used with backup options to handle emergency situations.  These bollards are usually not decorative.

In short, there are many types of bollards and they are named by the main purpose they serve. For instance, bollards with decoration or ornamentation can be called as “stylized bollards” or “light bollards”. Next comes the use of bollards, they are as follows:

Prevent Access

For areas with restricted-entry, bollards are of immense use. It acts as deterrent for anyone to access the site.

Control of Traffic

With the number of vehicles increasing each and every day-by-day, it is necessary to regulate traffic control system for improved protection. Use of automatic rising bollards regulates the traffic by limiting the number of vehicles to pass through in a synchronized manner ensuring safety.  Installation of permanent bollards near the sidewalks protects the pedestrians from high speeding vehicles which may lose control.

Prevention of Ram-raiding activity

It is important to protect buildings like government offices, valuable storefronts, banks, and hospitals where the possibility of ram-raiding is high.  It happens when the vehicle enters the area with a malicious intent of damaging the property, looting the valuables and attacking the target. High strength bollards of good grade steel can be used to withstand such heavy collision. Now it’s time to know the general design of bollards:

The automatic bollards are usually cylindrical in shape. The diameter of the cylinder is normal 275mm, and height varies from 400mm to 800mm depending on the type and purpose of use. The ascending and descending time usually varies. They are usually made of high-quality graded steel.  Very little maintenance and corrosion resistant are the main features of these bollards. Custom made features can also be employed as per the needs of the client.

In nut-shell, the bollards will never lose their significance in the field of security system due to their salient features like security, safety, and design.

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