Unification of a Boom Barrier Gates

Some boom gates are made in such a manner that they will be helpful in blocking all the traffic on the streets from both the ways. If you haven’t heard about boom barriers, then you should abreast yourself with some of its features.

Boom barriers are known to be of utmost use when a person wants to increase the security of his/her house. Boom barriers need to be supervised by a guard who will only let in a vehicle when he/she is sure of their identity. It is a cost effective solution to increase the security and safety of a person’s house. The boom barrier is built in a way so that the pole of it rises in a vertical direction to allow a vehicle to pass. Boom barrier come with other features which employ another pole at a lower distance from the ground which is visible from a long distance.

Boom barriers have been used since time immemorial to ensure safety. They are not only present at checkpoints but also at toll booths. This is one place which cannot do without a boom barrier as they have to stop every vehicle to collect the toll. Other places like freeway ramps also need a boom barrier to regulate traffic and stop a speeding vehicle in case there may be a situation like this.

Boom barriers are present at every major spot for ensuring the decorum of the traffic and not giving way to any type of hassle.

The average boom or pole length of a boom barrier can be somewhere between 8 ft to 24 ft. And the weight can vary between 60 kg to 240 kg depending on the length of the boom. The length of the boom is also going to be the determinant of the time taken to lower the boom which will be anywhere between 1.5 seconds to 10 seconds.

Since technology has given us many great inventions, the boom barriers have also gone for a revamp. The automatic boom barrier is the type which almost everyone is employing today. This can connect to the interior security system of the house. The working mechanism or the operation of this automatic boom barrier simple in terms as it can be opened or closed with the push of a button. It will work with any other additional input command like loop detector, manual switch, proximity card, etc.

The automatic boom barriers are even more efficient and they employ a shorter boom of length 3-6 metres. A single automatic boom barrier doesn’t have to be operated with just a button, there are other ways also.

An automatic boom barrier can be easily operated through RFID technology, remote control or any other third party control access.

When it comes to buying products that need to be used to protect your house or other personal belongings, it is important for you to go for the best. And houstonsystems has decades of experience in manufacturing the best boom barriers. They do it with precision because they have the most skilled professional who know the importance of each arc and the length of the boom. The specific technicalities are taken care of so that you only get the best.

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