Boom Barrier Ensure Effective Entry and Exciting Control for Toll Management

We see an increase in number of threats people are facing in their day to day lives like the bandit attacks, terrorist attacks, etc. The world is victim of these attacks now. Though we have security guards and security persons for protection, their lives are highly impacted by these acts. Also one may not be able to predict such acts for preventive measures. Therefore to work as a helping hand to these security systems, devices such as boom barrier, bollards, automated bollards, etc. came into existence.

Boom barrier also known as boom gate is nothing but a bar or a pole which is pivoted and allowed to balance through a controlled point which allows blockage of access to vehicles. For the gate to open it moves in a vertical arch to a near vertical position, letting the vehicles pass through.

How are these useful

The Automatic Boom Barrier act as an obstacle while crossing them. Therefore help in regulating the flow of people and traffic. These barriers help to regulate the flow of traffic. They also act as a barrier which helps restrict entry into restricted areas.

  • Boom barriers and bollards in traffic management

Boom barriers help to regulate proper flow of traffic. Now-a-days most of the times automated boom barriers are in use. Boom barriers act as excellent toll management solution.  They help regulate traffic flow at toll gates. Traditionally the boom barrier gates are use near railway stations and entrance of parks or shopping malls. The gates near the railway stations are mostly manual and the ones at the entrance are automated.

Automatic Bollards are nothing but short vertical posts used in traffic regulation works. Bollards can be used to control the traffic flow either by limiting the flow or by reducing their speed of movement by decreasing the amount of space available for their movement. Bollards provide the transport management solution. They can be used to reduce the space available for movement, act as a demarcation between the road from the worksites present on road, etc.  We also have illuminated bollards which are useful even in when it is dark.

  • Usage of boom barrier gates in security of institutions

Most of the times, we find the usage of automatic rising bollards gates in shopping malls or large co-operate buildings. They are found to be useful in providing security at the exit and entry points into buildings such as shopping malls, industrial units, office, parking lots, parks, toll plazas, etc. These barriers help to build a better security system and regulate the flow of vehicles. These barrier gates do not completely restrict the entry but they only act as a boundary for entry making sure only necessary things go in and no threats are allowed inside.

  • Boom barriers to endure secure ingress and egress

These barrier gates act like a security check point where access of the vehicles is checked. For example for the entry into an office building through an automated boom barrier gate, the candidates need to scan their id cards or their access cards. This helps prevent any black sheep from entering the area.These make the traffic management system much simpler. These boom barrier gates are available in different sizes to allow space for the passage of two wheeler, four wheeler and heavy transport vehicles. This allows all of these vehicles to move separately decreasing the chances of accidents. Other systems available for traffic regulation are bollards, automated bollards, raising bollards, etc. These help to regulate the flow of traffic by keeping a check on the space available for them to move.

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