How Does A Boom Barrier Work For US?

The world is witness to the kind of violence that is being subjected on innocent and ordinary people. With the recent shootings and acts of terrorism taking place in Istanbul and Dhaka, the one question that everyone is asking is how safe are we really are?

In a world where no one is secure, living in a secure community or working in a safe surrounding is the one thing which everyone wants. This is one of the reasons why many posh and influential areas have checkpoints which use boom barrier to ensure their safety.

What is a boom barrier?

A boom barrier is made up of a pole or bar which is pivoted from a fixed point to move in a vertical direction. This bar or pole allows to block the access of any vehicle or even a person through an entry gate. Boom barriers are employed at all the known places to ensure that no one enters the premises of a building or a compound without the permission of the concerned authorities.

Since boom barriers are most commonly used at checkpoints, they are also referred to as boom barrier gates. With technology becoming advanced every day, there has been development in boom barriers too.

Types of boom barriers

Boom barriers used to be hand operated for a long time. But, due to the demand of boom barrier gates in commercial spaces which involved the movement of huge trucks and carriers, there are automatic boom barriers employed. These boom barriers are electro-mechanical and they are operated with 24VDC drive unit. They are reliable and can operate at high speeds to keep up with the constant movement of vehicles through the checkpoint. Moreover, these boom barrier gates don’t even generate heat making them the ideal option for use in commercial space.

Boom barriers are extensively used in residential complexes for the simple reason of improved security. With boom barriers, unauthorized access becomes difficult as RFID or bio-metric testing are the only systems through which a person can be granted access in a building. This advanced technology has made boom barriers important.

People who are not able to produce their smart card, RFID card reader or biometric sensor won’t be allowed entry into the premises of the building. This is why boom barriers, be it automatic or manual are a must for the residential complex.

Places which are generally unprotected are accessed by any type of person and the threat of terrorist activity is imminent. To avoid this situation, a boom barrier is a must.

Security systems and how they can be improved

The recent bomb blast at the Istanbul Airport are proof of the slack in the security systems at many airports across the world. Even if the airport has ensured every type of security, the officials who are incharge don’t take their job seriously and this can cost many people their life. One of the relatives of the victim of the bomb blast blamed the airport authority for not screening everyone who entered the airport, thus putting everyone at risk.

In order to improve the security system at the airport and other commercial places, it is important to upgrade the technology that is being used. Apart from this, the security officials who are working day in and day out should be given better incentives to do their job properly as they can get easily bored of their job.

For better security, dogs can be kept at the screening points on airports. It is proven that their sense of smell can find any explosive and people won’t have to go through the tedious job of removing their belts, wallets and other electronics to pass through the scanner. This will not only speed up the process but if the dogs are with a trained official, then no one will get hurt and there would be shorter queues.

There are plenty of ways to improve security at entry points and boom barrier is one of them. In the end, whichever process is employed, it should ensure safety of the people.

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