Since 1998,Houston System Inc. has manufactured products and barricade systems that promote safety and security for pedestrians and properties with the help of our experienced and expertise workforce. Housys product lines consist of

• Automation operators for swing leaf gates
• Gear motors for sliding gates
• Automatic sliding and swing door mechanisms
• Automatic boom barrier
• Access control system
• Spike Barrier / Tyre Killer
• Concealed traffic bollards
• Road blocker / axle breaker
• Flap barrier / Turnstiles
• Parking Management & Guidance Solution
• Toll Management Solution
• Traffic Management Solution

Our new production centre in Houston, Texas has exceptionally improved our manufacturing prowess. Our fabrication space now comprises of more than 210,000 square feet of production area. With the opening of this new facility, Houston System Inc. is delivering record numbers of vehicle access systems to customers around the globe. Housys Products are now deployed worldwide to protect embassies, nuclear plants, banks, stadiums, large major airports, car rental lots, logistics centres, palaces, private residences and more.