FETC Innovation from Highway Toll to Smart City

With the developing necessities for off-road parking structures, there has been an expanded interest for car parking management solutions utilizing the most recent innovations. Conscience of the way that the car parking is the first idea of any area, innovation has offered traffic solutions gives the best answers for controlling parking access, expanding security, streamlining the car parking operations, dealing with the traffic stream and direction and dealing with the parking incomes to guarantee that the visitors have the most wonderful experience. Some of these arrangements include:

  • Parking Access Control & Revenue Management.
  • Guidance and Traffic Management.
  • Vehicle Counting.
  • Valet Parking.
  • Automated Parking.
  • Video Surveillance.
  • Vehicle Locator.

Vehicle Parking Management Solution is a prime necessity in all metropolitan urban communities of the world. It is important for each vehicle proprietor to park his or her car in a safely assigned parking aperture accessible. To shoot up this issue there is a need of incorporated and adroitly created parking management system, which offers undeniable parking services.

Parking Management System is fundamentally outlined in such an approach to supervise car parking regions. It gives an assortment of utilization including the aversion of unapproved parking and the requirement of parking time cutoff points, to guarantee bother free parking spots.

Best components of Parking Management System include:

  1. Access to the parking region.
  2. Control of vehicle streams.
  3. Manual and programmed method of payments.
  4. Can supply account and authoritative statements to the approved individual.
  5. 24×7 control with enlistment plate acknowledgment.
  6. Furnished with satisfactorily spaced out LED’s.
  7. Programmed operation of entryways and retractable posts.
  8. Timetable control.
  9. Time and customer account service.
  10. Open and private car park management.
  11. Thorough parking guidance frameworks for car parks, corporate parks, shopping centers.

The boom barriers are also known as entryway barrier, is a sort of bar or shaft, rotated to permit the boom to stop vehicular access. These are utilized in the private and business stopping premises for sheltered and verified access by vehicle.

These are normally mounted in the spots where an abnormal state of security is required. Subsequently, you will discover a boom barrier or a door obstruction in each one of those spots where the correct check of approaching and an active vehicle is required. They give an abnormal state of security and stop the unidentified vehicles, and give secure and safe vehicle confirmation.

Benefits of Boom Barrier Installation:

  1. It permits the vehicles to exit or enter the car parking region via programmed shutting or opening the boom entryways.
  2. It helps in keeping the undesired vehicles out of the stopping zone of the building.
  3. Boom barriers have both programmed and manual doors to obstruct the vehicle.
  4. Utilizing programmed entryways is more valuable in contrast with manual doors as it gives latest highlights in the installation.
  5. It keeps the unapproved passage of vehicles into a specific property.
  6. Programmed boom barriers permit recording of vehicle permit number that goes through the doors. In any case, these programmed boom entryways are more costly when contrasted with physical boom doors.
  7. Structures like shopping centers, private structures, and open structures like doctor’s facilities, schools and inns are the essential regions where you will see boom barrier introduced. They are utilized as a part of staff parking regions in numerous business structures.
  8. It screens the entry and exit of vehicles.
  9. Blast barriers are a splendid technique for controlling vehicle segment through toll corners.
  10. 10. It helps in controlling and tracking the number of vehicles parked and what number of more vehicles can be parked.

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