Heavy security presence for England in Bangladesh

It is the ODI (One Day Internationals) season going on in the year 2016, in the month of October. It is that one season when so many teams come together in the reputed nations, to play the scheduled cricket matches. In the run of so many things, one can’t oversee the security that is the prime need of the hour at the moment. It is just not concerned about the celebrities who have come up to play the matches, but it is also an issue for the common man who is present at the stadium. There are many chances of terror strikes, many abrupt bizarre incidents and many more security issues. Hence, these events and mainly matches are something that should have the maximum of security as they can provide.

What’s the hype about the security concerns this season?

There are many three-day matches that have come up over so many years, but this one season, and specifically in Bangladesh, the security concerns have taken up to another new level. There are a certain reasons as to why this has risen to so much of issue across the world. The main one is the Dhaka terrorist attack a couple of months ago that has raised alarms and sirens for the team’s security as well as the stadium’s security.

Even though there were many measures that were taken, a few incidents are inevitable if not taken care of. Just a few steps won’t be of great help, as concluded by the governments concerned. Hence, this season, they came up with tight security forces that are present at every corner of the stadium, the parking places, bordering the premises tightly. It took Bangladesh and England three complete months to jot down the ways in which they can get a better secured stadium and the team. Not just the stadium, the officials have taken up decisions to protect the team right from their landing at the airport, to their departure to their native place. Everything was jotted down in the three months amidst the matches and the Dhaka attack.

What are the security equipments that can be used for averting accidents?

The security concern can be minimized by a number of equipments which are finely designed for the same purpose.

  1. Flap barrier system- Flap barrier gate is merely gateway that prevents people to trespass and allows them as per the provided instructions and passes. The flap barrier is different from the other types of barriers as they have flap like components that proceed to allow the individual to move. They have two flaps on either side of the checkpoint which either falls in when the body’s to be permitted or, in some instances, falls out, and also flap barrier price is affordable.
  2. Boom barrier system- Boom barrier gates have one of its finish end pivoted, so that the other end goes up and down. It either performs on an indicator, which is now typical used in shopping centres or performs on guide foundation, which is efficient at the train crossings, check points etc. Manual boom limitations are used only when the automobiles need to be examined and then able to successfully go through, like the check points and the toll gates.

The boom barrier techniques are almost everywhere these times. The primary purpose being, no automobile can trespass the region without moving through the gateways. Even in the guide program, an individual need not constantly make the gateways, he just needs to sit and evaluate the automobiles, after this is done- he basically needs to force a key which does it all. There are many places where the growth hurdle gateways come into use.

  1. Automatic barrier gates– They are successfully used in the existing times since these kinds of barrier checkpoint control the visitors and also, prevent the automobiles from trespassing into the personal places. The process that the gateways use is- The gateways start only after the car owner swipes a successfully pass or will pay the essential amount or something identical that fits the standards of the place where the gateways have been used. In the personal places, the gateways start only after the car owner reveals the evidence of his availability into the place. Hence, these gateways are commonly reliable and used.

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