How does the boom barrier contribute toward safety?

Nowadays, everyone wants a safe and secure environment to live and work properly. Thus, most residential and commercial buildings apply the latest technologies to protect their places. Boom Barriers are highly used at the main doors of the building only to access the verified people and not let the unknown enter the building.
Besides adding a security layer, it also helps manage the crowd and lets unwanted people and vehicles stay out of place.
You can either get the manual or automatic boom barriers. However, automated boom barriers are the best as they provide far better features, such as integration with RFID card readers that directly allow verified people and vehicles to enter the place.
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What Is A Boom Barrier?

A boom Barrier is a kind of gate in the form of a horizontal bar, which is set at the pivot and moves up and down. This Boom Barrier gate (a flat bar) controls the vehicle and pedestrian movements like any traffic police. These bars are used to ensure the completion of the checking process of the cars and pedestrians passing through it.
You can easily find these boom barriers at the parking areas, shopping malls, toll gates, airports, etc. So many housing societies also use the advanced boom barrier integrated with RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) to ensure the security and management of vehicles.

How Many Types of Boom Barriers Are There?

There are three boom barriers: Electromechanical boom barrier, Hydraulic boom barrier, and Manual boom barrier.

1. Electromechanical Boom Barrier

Electromechanical Boom Barriers are one of the commonly used boom barriers at the entrance and exit of security-concerned places like shopping malls, airports, parking, etc. These boom barriers come in different arm lengths to suit your requirement and are used day and night.

2. Hydraulic Boom Barrier

The Hydraulic Boom Barrier is one of the strongest fencing and security systems, and it is the best option when the security purpose requires a long boom.

3. Manual Boom Barrier

Manual Boom Barriers are often used at locations with minimal people, such as residential apartments. Electric switches are used to operate this equipment.

How Do Boom Barriers A Secure Option?

Security is one of the biggest concerns for housing societies, parking, malls, airports, etc. It has increased the demand for security tools like the boom barrier because it keeps things secure and crowd-managed simultaneously. Modern boom barriers are more secure and advanced than manual boom barriers and maintain the heavy traffic of people and vehicles a way more easily. It also has a feature to integrate with the RFID card reader, which allows the RFID card reader or biometric sensor to enter the verified people and cars automatically.

The Real Benefits of Boom Barrier

Only Approved Entries: With the help of the RFID (Radio-frequency Identification), these automated boom barriers will read the vehicles’ tags and permit only the approved ones. This means if any unknown RFID tag vehicle enters, they won’t get access until approved by the resident itself.
Automatic Entry and Exit: The automatic boom barriers are one of the best options as they ease the vehicle’s monitoring process. Hence, it improves the security of the place and makes everything look modular.
No Touch Entry: After this pandemic, we are all aware of not getting too much in touch, and the boom barriers help maintain touchless entries and exits.
Efficient Checking: Most boom barriers are used via remote control, push-button, or biometric sensors. All these checking systems are best for the high-security asking properties and make it almost impossible for intruders to break the system.

According to the visitor’s perspective, the automatic boom barriers increase their comfort and help them get easy access once they are verified. You don’t even need to always get out of your car to gain access manually. Instead, you can be verified through the RFID reader of the machine.
Enhance Entrance Security: The boom barriers at the entrance gate of a residential building or a commercial place help increase the security of the places. This will also save you from uncertain, costly accidents.
Outstanding Traffic Control: Traffic is one of the most significant global issues. These boom barriers can easily be used to eliminate these traffic problems by applying automated technology and relieving the human mind of other essential tasks.


Boom Barriers are one of the best security tools in the market to maintain security and manage people and vehicles. You should apply these security tools, especially if you are concerned about shopping malls, parking, airports, etc. We hope this article helps you gather all the needed information regarding the boom barriers and let you decide whether you need a boom barrier or not.

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