IDF Bans Pokemon Go On Bases Of Leak Army Base Information And Photograph Of Base

The famous game of Pokémon Go has gained huge popularity owing to its location based theme and functioning on real-time. The game has become unceasingly addictive drawing the attention of children and adult, who are enjoying this game with the same level of enthusiasm. Amidst all this hype and hoopla about the game, some issues have emerged that has drawn the attention of many. People who play this game sometimes get so engrossed in the search for Pokémon that many have met accidents which could have proven life threating. This has to some extent blemished the fame of Pokémon Go and has demanded the immediate attention of people who play this game to restrict the search for Pokémon to limited premises.

News that is making headlines nowadays is the ban that Israel Military has levied on its troop for playing Pokémon Go. There are some serious concerns that the Israel military which has made them impose such stringent rule.

Why has Israeli Military banned its troop from playing Pokémon Go?

It’s very surprising to see, how such a small game can even shake the military. The addition to playing Pokémon Go has reached its highest level, with the app being downloaded by millions of users across the globe; the game has enticed even the tough military. The deleterious outcome of the game cannot be denied at the same; the Isreal Military has banned Pokémon Go and the prime reason for this is credited to the photographs that get stored while the player searches the Pokémon. The prime reason associated with the ban on the viral game are is activation of cameras and GPS which can leak data about the military and can easily help the enemy to trace the base location.

In-depth analysis of Military and health concern:

As per the modus operandi of the game, when a person installs the app the device camera gets activated to enable the game’s reality and at the same time, the location sensors also get activated which help in tracing the Pokémon. Under both the situations, the data gets shared which is a peril for the army.

Moreover, most of the people run around looking for Pokémon exposing themselves to hazardous sun rays which can cause cancer. The best time to move out is before 10AM and after 4PM, but the addiction of the game is so high that people run around at any time of the day looking for their favourite Pokémon. Keeping the health and security concern, the IDA has banned this game.

Cautions during playing game

The Israel Cancer Association has asked players to take some precautions while playing the game, this includes the following:

  • If you are playing the game outdoor, ensure that you move out before 10 AM and after 4 PM
  • Play the game in the shade
  • Wear a brimming hat and sunglasses
  • Wear long sleeved clothes
  • Regularly use sunscreen
  • Drink lots of water to avoid heat stroke
  • Beware of traffic

Our Role:

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