Impact of Toll Management System on Highways

Today we have millions of vehicles running on the road and the number is increasing every day; under such circumstances, we need an effective system to manage the traffic especially at the toll where manual management of vehicles and dispensing of toll ticket is a cumbersome task and may lead to chaos and confusion.

With the leaps and bounds of technology today we have had systems and devices in place which have simplified the task to a great extent etc. have become an integral part of effective and efficient tool management system.

What contributes an effective tool management system?

The modern day toll management is a part of Intelligent Traffic Management System and it has many devices working in sync to create and efficient system, some of the common toll management systems includes the following:

  • ETMS controller
  • Tollgate like boom barrier
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Vehicle identification
  • Automated vehicle classification
  • Weight in motion etc.

How does toll management influences the highways:

The objective of establishing a toll booth on the highways is revenue generation and streamlining the traffic. As compared to the earlier times today we have an efficient and effective toll management solutions, instead of manual approach now we have automated devices which help in controlling and managing the traffic.

Security is yet another reason why we need to have an efficient toll management system. The authorities have become more concerned and proactive. Often on the highways, people face the problem of traffic jam and other issues but with the help of an efficient toll management system, it becomes easy for both the authorities and management.

Benefits of Toll Management Solutions

Today we have toll systems which are automated and run on software which is centrally connected and controlled, they have really simplified the task of the people working at the toll as well as the authorities. As far as their benefits are concerned they have emerged as a great medium to manage and control vehicle transition at the toll but apart from this there are various sets of benefits which toll has to offer and it includes the following:

Benefits to the driver or the customer:

  1. It cuts down the long queues which otherwise is common at the toll, in simple terms, it increases the service turnaround rate by automating the system.
  2. Quick and efficient service like ticket dispensing, automatic boom barrier etc.
  3. Security of the data collected at the toll, like vehicle number, registration number etc.

When it comes to the benefit of the toll plaza owner and the authorities working there, the benefits includes the following:

  1. Lower toll collection cost
  2. Automated system means quick work and lesser probability of manual error
  3. Better audit control as the data is centralised
  4. Enhance the capacity without investing more on infrastructure.
  5. Meanwhile, for the Toll Plaza Owners, the benefits include:

Thus, bringing in the automation of the toll plaza introduces better services and enhanced management. In the times to come, this system is going to escalate to a new level, we have a real-time monitoring system, sensor-based system and many new developments which are taking place and will be contributing to the development of toll management.

It has become mandatory for companies and authorities to invest in developing efficiently toll management system to ensure the comfort of the people who are driving as well as ensuring that the toll tax is collected timely which can be later used for development of highways and introducing many facilities which will further benefit the drivers.

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