Importance Of Rising Bollards For Providing Road Safety

What Is A Bollard

It is a short vertical post originally meant a post on ship principally for mooring. But now the definition has been elevated to describe something more than just a signal post.  Bollards are posts on road placed at regular intervals to limit the speed of the vehicle by offering a lot of resistance. These are post like small fixtures. The term probably relates to a tree trunk called as bole. Earlier wooden posts were used to prevent accidents. These are not only designed as a forever mark to off limit vehicles but also it works brilliantly as and when required.

Types Of Bollards And Its Uses In Various Industries

There are many varieties of security posts designed as per the requirement of an area. There are illuminated bollards that glow at night for better vision of roads and safety too.  Protective bollards offer resistance and protects from over speeding. Flexible bollards have bending lights and can be altered as and when required. Removable bollards are also very useful in specified areas where only a potential traveller can access the area. Surface mounted bollards, rebounding bollards are also there. In order to encourage more personalisation for buildings, stylized bollards are designed to provide security in any business environmental zone. Breakaway bollard is designed to break off when a car hits it. Planters are also used to mark widened pathways, border around the street, and to restrict any unauthorised vehicle to enter. Heavy duty bollards are of great security because of heavy strength and deterring colours. Various locations where bollards are used are parking lots and garages, pedestrian pathways, stores, malls, warehouses and many more to provide utmost road safety.

Rising Bollards And Their Function To Provide Security

Apart from so many bollards dedicated to provide security to millions of lives, rising bollards is of pretty importance. They have become very popular. These posts are programmed electronically to allow access for buses and other emergency personnel. They rise from beneath the ground to block all other vehicles. The sole motive behind such an innovation is to trap the vehicles into crashes with their deceptive slow rising action. These rising speed breakers are very effective to control the routes of buses and cars separately. They are a perfect entrap for the fearless drivers who get easily tempted to break off limits. Thus causing a revolutionary change in the traffic rules bollards are gaining votes. Bike paths, universities, cemeteries, factories, government buildings, stadiums and other harmonised environmental set ups are sure to have automatic rising bollards as a mark of their safety.  Rising bollards provide a tight security 24 hours and prevents vandalism, road crimes, bash driving. You can walk more safely with a bollard as it helps to demarcate the fine gap between pedestrian pathways and the parking lot. All bollards with same purpose that provides you top most security in case of road crimes and assured safety against road accidents. The first and foremost mark to ensure safety is a bollard. Trendy bollards are an additional layer added to improvise the level of security and safety.

Importance Of The Bollards And Road Safety

Thus the bollards are very useful on roads for safety purposes. The automatic bollards specially designed to allow more resistance to speed breakers and upgraded to rising automatic bollards for skilled and efficient way of protecting lives by managing the gaps on the roads. Safety first speed next is the evergreen traffic theme that you must abide by.

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