Intelligent Parking Guidance and Payment Systems

ZTE introduced an NB-Io-T-based intelligent parking system by drawing on its years of experience in data mining and by integrating technological advances in related fields. ZTE’s intelligent parking system boasts extensive service process management features. Parking monitoring, parking guidance solution and management of defaulting vehicles allow customers to get real-time updates on the situation of parking lots in the city. With the help of intelligent parking, the drivers are also stressed free which means the new techniques have made the work easier and faster. ZTE and NIO-T technique is used for this purpose.

Features of Intelligent Parking Guidance: The features of intelligent parking are explained below:

  • Greater profitability
  • Fluid traffic flow
  • Time saver
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Reduces the stress of drivers
  • Used for parking guidance and parking monitoring
  • Improve the traffic condition

The following smart devices are used for this purpose:

  • LED indicators
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Ultrasonic LED sensors
  • LED display
  • Central parking controller

The main focus of intelligent parking guidance:

  • Real-time Vehicle counting The vehicle counting system constitutes of a non-intrusive vision-based vehicle counting system by this the management get the exact idea of the parking. This provides the real-time information.
  • Real-time parking guidance display –Display boards displays the number of empty slots at every level. The LED display boards are used for this purpose.
  • Video Surveillance (optional)- the sensor based technology or you can say the video surveillance system can be integrated into the solution.
  • DVR (optional) – The video surveillance data, License plate videos, under Vehicle Surveillance videos can be archived on a DVR.

Wireless intelligence parking system:

  • For midsized parking lots: – 100 to 600 cars & over 200 Two-Wheelers
  • Ideal for Public Parking Lots, Office Complexes, Hospitals
  • Can be used in both covered & open air parking lots with multiple entry & exit gates
  • Sensor Control System: – 2 per Bay / Level / Segment
  • Display Units: – Main and Bay Level, 7 Segments LED, LCD
  • Interfaces: – With any billing system, boom barrier systems and other applications

 Intelligent Roadside Parking Solution: The ZTE intelligent parking solution mainly covers two scenarios:

1 Intelligent roadside parking

2 Intelligent campus parking

As it is explained above it is simple and the easiest of Proper parking management solutions and ZTE is there to explain the intelligent method of roadside parking, campus parking. Proper Guidance is provided to people and proper measure or precautions are taken to overcome from this. This helps us to get the new updates about the parking management and provide the solution to the roadside parking. This is used to make us aware of the issues of parking and the new technique is there which makes us aware or proper parking management.

Parking Payment systems: Payment system is kind of ticket system which is used for advanced payment, deposit. The drivers enter/exit from the parking without stepping out of the vehicle and may administrate the location from worldwide with the help of smart-phones or computer.

Park sol Payment System: This payment system is used for various reasons like:

  1. To make the unlimited entries or exists in the parking zone.
  2. Used for long term customers.
  3. Unlimited parking solution and number of tariff plans.

Park sol working system: It works as a cash machine which is used for deposit, paying machines and to get other information.

The main focus of payment system is:

  • Innovation seeking and constant product development.
  • Reliability and sustainability within parking payment system.
  • Professionalism in regard customer training and consultation.
  • High quality and energy efficient product manufacturing.
  • Accurate and customer friendly software implementation.

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