ISIS Jihadists Hurtle Towards Iraqi Tanks In Car Bomb Explosion

Terrorism has come up as the indispensable menace in the modern world. It was a time when the world was bipolar and USA and Russia were always in contention with each other. But after the cold war ended, several regional and small powers have surfaced and the most striking one among them all is the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Its head, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has been wrecking havoc in not only Iraq and Syria but has also extended his reach to all over the world.

Terrorism is threatening not only the Middle East and the Asian nations but has unleashed a fresh assault on the European countries as well. America had never been spared till now and the condition still prevails. Be it the attack in France or the attacks in the United States, the terrorists find their way out to hit and strike us. Recently, some terrorists killed around twenty people in an upscale restaurant in Bangladesh in which most of the victims were foreigners. Iraq and Syria have been under siege of the ISIS and they are killing and mutilating an unknown number of people each day. Life has become hell in the regions of Iraq and Syria. The terrorists are continuously finding ways to harm the US-led forces which are aimed at killing these terrorists and liberating the areas seized by the terrorists.

In the latest attack, the terrorists, infuriated over their loss of command over the city of Fallujah, tried to kill the Iraqi security forces. The Iraqi army was marching on the roads of Fallujah in their tanks and RLVs near the Blue Mosque in broad daylight. One of the jihadists was seen coming near the convoy in a speeding car in the opposite lane. Gunfire was continuously heard from a distance and as the car neared the convoy of tanks, gunfire blazed even more.

As soon as the car neared the tanks, it blew up and the car along with its dwellers converted in a ball of fire. The explosion was as such that the car got converted into a huge ball of fire and one of the cameras of the army fell down. Fortunately, the explosion took place at a distance otherwise, the casualties could have been there on the security forces side as well.

This was done in retaliation to the recent airstrikes led by the US and UK fighter planes. It was due to this instance that the security forces were able to get the city of Fallujah freed from the clutches of ISIS.

The car that was being used as a weapon to strike the forces could have been stopped had there been boom barriers installed in the areas. The boom barrier gates would not have provided the open channel for the terrorist to run loose on the empty road in the vehicle full of explosives. The incident could have been easily thwarted by using boom barriers on different stretches of empty roads. The US government has already got them installed in areas wherever it has its embassy. It has helped the US Security Forces to save their embassies even in the case of turmoil.

Similar security devices and equipment have become very important for the security forces to dismantle any plans of terrorist attacks. We cannot stop the attackers from planning the attacks but we can use latest technologies to thwart their every plan to attack. The security and entry access devices like boom barriers, bollards, and other such equipment can be used efficiently to answer each aggression of the terrorists. Houston System has been manufacturing security access control devices and equipment like boom barriers, bollards, turnstile gates, etc. which have been efficiently used by various security agencies in safeguarding their establishments from vandalism and terrorist activities.

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