Man Arrested After Buckingham Palace Security Breach

The neoclassical architecture of Buckingham palace attracts many tourists. It is one of the most visited tourist hubs in London, the staggering beauty, the gargantuan look and astounding architecture of this vintage building has made it earn laurels from many people across the globe. The Palace opens in the morning hours and witnesses huge rush of people from different age groups who want to experience the royal life. For the lovers of fashion, the palace does organize shows which exhibit the outfits and millinery worn by the queen. Being a highly sensitive place filled with invaluable heritage, the palace is always under strict security, however, and the breakthrough came when the news about a man was found trespassing the palace surfaced.

The security measures deployed in the palace:

 There are royal families who reside in the palace, move, the cultural heritage of the palace is also priceless and hence it becomes important to have the best security measures being applied in the palace.

Modern technology offers us many tools that help to ensure the security of the place. Devices like CCTV , automatic boom barriers have been placed in and around the palace to ensure round the clock security of the palace. These automated machines work on real-time and being automated it doesn’t allow people to enter the place without the permission of the authority. Automatic boom barriers and CCTVs are considered to the most popular form of security instruments being used in the palace apart from the guards.

The detailed analysis:

Buckingham Palace, owing to its high cultural heritage is always under strict security. The place is always hemmed in by manual security guards and at the same time all the state of the art technologies like CCTVs have been mounted at every nook and cranny of the palace yet a drunken man was able to trespass the boundaries of the palace.

The incident took place on 9th August at 4:15 AM when a man named Croydon climbed the fence of the palace and was trying to breach the security of the palace. However, the incident came to the notice of the security guards on CCTV and the man got arrested. Although the man was not armed and no suspicion of terrorism was detected yet, this is a whistleblower to the management of the palace. Despite the deployment of such stringent security measures and such a webbed network of guards around the palace, a 22-year-old man was able to bewilder all security measures of the palace.

What’s next?

Thanks to the pre-installed CCTVs, the man was caught while he was trying to enter the premises. However, such cases might repeat in future, in order to culminate the problem it is important to have optimum usage of a modern security system in place starting from CCTVs to automatic bollards to automatic boom barriers which could allow the authority to thoroughly check each individual before allowing him/her to enter the palace.

There are many companies that offer these instruments but there is a need to find out the one whom can provide the best products along with quality. One such company is Houston Systems that manufactures premium security systems that are needed in high sensitive places like the Buckingham Palace.

Our Role: As a manufacturing firm of security systems, we understand that the security of place and people is very important and when a security system is being installed the authorities become depended on it and hence these products should highly reliable and efficient. Houston System designed and developed security system included CCTVs, bollards, automatic magic boom barriers and many others that are a perfect fitment for your security needs . In order to avail the best product in the market, get in touch with us today.

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