Manchester’s Powerful Bollards Spiked Cars That Trespassed No Entry Zone

The safety and security of the passengers are paramount for the local authorities. The latest incident that has drawn the attention of many happened at the junction of Market Street and Corporate Street in Manchester. The junction has automatic bollards introduced in the year 2006 after being recognized as the accident prone area. Since then, these rising bollards have been appreciated and criticized in equal volumes by people. There have been many incidences where the car banged the bollards, the lasts addition being the police car collision with the automatic bollards. As per the reports, the car was following the bus and when it tried to move ahead the bollards rose and car collapsed, although there was no serious damage but the incidence is the mark of sloppiness.

How does Automatic Bollards work?

The bollards have long been a part of intelligent traffic management System. These automatic bollards are very simple in functioning. It allows the vehicle to pass one by one. These automatic bollards have sensors to detect the vehicle coming in and it automatically sinks into the road allowing the vehicle to pass. Just after that, the bollards rise. It also sends alarm messages for the next vehicle to halt but such incidence is just a mark of sloppiness.

Why do we need Rising Bollards?

 The traffic management is important to ensure safety and security of commuters. Such rising bollards that work on real-time , detecting the incoming and leaving of the vehicle allows only one vehicle to pass at a time, this ensures controlled speed and seamless flow of the traffic. Such bollards find extensive usage in accident prone areas where the rush of the vehicle is high.

Where do we need automatic bollards?

 The automatic bollards finds applicability in myriads of places, the like include:

  1. Heavy traffic area
  2. Schools
  3. Parking areas
  4. Security check
  5. Places of colossal public gathering etc.

Of all these, the heavy traffic area is of prime importance. Owing to heavy traffic flow day in and day out, a system that can remove bottlenecks and smoothen the flow of traffic becomes much needed.

Houston Systems version of automatic bollards-

Houston Systems believes that technology can simplify life and our array of products under automatic bollards provides a perfect solution to manage the traffic and ensure its seamless flow. We have an array of products including the removable bollards, rising bollards, and automatic bollards. You can make a selection as per your requirement. These bollards have been designed under the strict supervision of our technical team.  These automatic bollards are a perfect solution for traffic management in places where you have limited space and heavy traffic flow. These bollards collapse into the ground post the vehicle passes by.

Automatic bollards designed by Houston Systems are effective robust and rugged which means that they don’t suffer from wear and tear as other traffic control gates.

Key features of Houston Systems Automatic bollards:

  1. Rugged and robust design
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Cost effective
  4. Doesn’t get affected by the regular wear and tear
  5. Requires less space
  6. Sensor based detection
  7. Warning alarm before it rises back
  8. Weatherproof
  9. Energy efficient
  10. Vandal proof

Automation is the key to success in the coming times. Road accidents are very common especially in areas which are marked by heavy traffic, installing bollards as a part of traffic management system is the key to ensuring the safety of commuters and vehicles. Moreover, these bollards are not restricted to control road traffic but at the same time, they find excellent applicability at checkpoints, parking areas, security checks etc.

Houston Systems is eager to provide the best solutions when it comes to traffic management. Get in touch with us today to know more on this.


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