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Tyre killers are used to stopping cars by killing its tyres using  automatic rising spikes or killers. Entrance points which are prone to, or have a vehicle attack threat, or require superior security arrangements are manned with tyre killer equipment. It is impossible for a vehicle to move after passing through a spike barrier as it causes immense damage to the rubber tyres, wheels and rim of the vehicle. When the spikes are lowered the vehicle can pass through hence not obstructing the path at all for a smooth flow of traffic.

There are various kinds of road blocker available in the market for the purpose of stopping vehicle threats. Some of these are Boom Barriers, Flap Barriers, Hump type spike tyre killers, Flat type spike tyre killers, Axle type road blockers, Sheet road blocker, and bollards.

Hump type spike tyre killers

Hump type spike killers are a humped structure with movable spikes having up and down motions. It also acts as a mild speed breaker and is easy to install. They are reliable and are low on maintenance.

Flat type spike tyre killers

These are used for better traffic movement and reliable traffic control. Unlike hump type spike tyre killers, these are flat having electromagnetically moving spikes in an up and down motion.

Axle type road blocker

It stops the forceful penetration or vehicular intrusion by destroying the suspension of the vehicle. Along with the suspension, it also destroys the axle and wheels. It has a compact unit which is sturdy enough for quick opening and closing of spikes. They function on hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Tyre killers

Hydraulic tyre killer are operated with the help of hydraulic cylinders having a quick up and down motion which varies from 2 to 6 seconds. The technology is somewhat similar to that used in hydraulic rising bollards.

Tyre killers are known to be efficient tools to stop attack vehicles and are a renowned tyre buster tool. They usually have following features present in them:

  • 2.00 to 6.00 meters of blocking width, or the width of the stretch of spikes.
  • Approximately 475 mm of heavy duty steel spike barriers.
  • A separate Electro-hydraulic drive unit installed at a maximum distance of 20 m from the spike barrier.

The tyre killer system can be easily linked to access controls system and allow control of entry and exit points in a secure manner. Sometimes, the spikes and the barrier mechanisms are linked mechanically, i.e., the spikes rise when the barrier arm is suspended and the spikes are lowered when the barrier is lifted. Various access control systems are linked with the spike barrier functionality. One brilliant example is the LED lighting under the spikes. These LED lights turn on and make the trough of the spike barrier red when the spikes are raised or active and similarly turn green when the spikes are lowered or are inactive.

 A typical spike barrier price is 3.65 lacs per piece depending upon the minimum provision of size and weight.

An effective spike barrier ensures rendering of the vehicle unusable thus avoiding any chance of a vehicular threat. Also, a spiked tyre killer can easily integrate to an existing remote or a locally controlled vehicle access control. As an add on to the spike barrier system, the red and green traffic signals, flashing lights or siren etc. can be included.

Tyre killers are the most efficient way to stop the vehicles from creating any damage or posing a threat to the security of a building, locality, city or any socio-geographic cluster.

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