Metropolis Parking Problems and Management Planning Solutions for Traffic Operation

Metropolitan cities are mostly facing the parking problems. In these cities, the main problem is the traffic. So, it becomes the duty of traffic management to make some restricted laws and rules regarding this issue. Well, you all know that technology becomes so vast. We also take a help of sign boards and many other types of equipment that make the road safer.

Car parking management solution works for the road safety as well as for the parking system. It mainly constitutes the security system, access control system, statistical information, revenue management and boom barrier. This parking management solution also included the real-time parking guidance display, DVR, Real-time vehicle counting and video surveillance.  With these functions, you all can feel safe while driving on the road.

Well, Boom Barrier is a type of pole or you can say that bar which is mostly used to stop the vehicular near the control point. These barriers are also known as the boom gate and they mainly rise towards the vertical direction. Sometimes traffic policeman used to check the vehicles for the security reasons. This is one of the good steps of car parking management solution. These gates are used for both residential and commercial purpose. In fact, these boom barriers especially vary in shape, operation, and size.

Automatic bollards are one of the telescoping bollards mainly used in a metropolitan areas or high traffic areas. These bollards are raised or lowered after the command just only for 3 to 5 seconds. The common automatic bollards usually used in high traffic areas are hydraulic, electronic piston and pneumatic drive systems. These are mainly raised to block the traffic and lower to pass the traffic. Automatic bollards have used the area for the attacks too. You can use it on both sides’ i.e. indoor or outdoor places. These places are sports centers, trade fair pavilions, government and military areas and market square areas. These have various features such as:

  • These automatic bollards are commonly available in semi-automatic, automatic versions.
  • Well, these bollards mainly stop the vehicles where parking management solution has some doubts.
  • This type of bollards is usually in the shape of the metal cylinder.
  • Discusses the application of geographic information system into the Car parking solution.

GIS stands for Geographic information system mainly a computer-based tool that simply manipulates stores, analyzes and visualizes the geographic knowledge on a map.

  • Telecom and Network Services:

GIS is a decision-making tool for the networking companies. It mainly used in wireless telecommunication industries to make the geographical data into the difficult networking device.

  • Environmental Impact Analysis:

This is one of the policies which are generally taking an initiative to protect the environment and natural resources. As you know that due to many human activities, the environment will suffer adverse effects. That time EIA help the GIS by integrating several GIS layers.

  • GIS in Mapping:

Mapping is one of the important functions of GIS which mainly provides interpretive information. GIS normally stores in a database also display in a mapped format.  Well, persons who have different jobs can use this mapping for the communication purpose.

  • Disaster Management and Mitigation:

GIS systems are well developed in a proper form and used to save the environment. It forms a successful and integrated tool for the security reasons in disaster management and mitigation.

  • Navigation:

Well, web-based navigation is used to save and encourage the waterway. Mainly, the shipping routes and ferry paths are searching the best routing. These maps are updated to minimize the risk factor of injury and collision.

  • Planning and management for traffic operation effectiveness in a metropolis.

As the traffic increases in the metropolis or in high traffic areas, the car parking management solution takes a strict action regarding traffic rules. These rules are taken for the safety of the road users plus avoid accidents and injuries. Parking management solution uses many technological methodologies like automatic bollards, traffic sign boards, boom barrier and so on. These traffic operations must have a great effect on metropolis and also shows a great impact to the outsiders too. So, it becomes the duty of yours too to follow the rules and guidelines of road safety.

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