Parking Management Solutions Based On NB-IoT Technology

NB-IoT can is explained as in simple and easier way as the Intelligent Way of Roadside Parking Solution. Or even in simpler words it can provide you the guidance or help you in management of parking. “One of the major problems that occurs in cities, towns every day”. In India it is the biggest issue or the problem that makes all of us in trouble?? Proper parking management and proper Parking Guidance solution is the process that people are trying to apply daily. There are number of safety measures that are taken to overcome from this. ZTE has introduced us with the NB-IoT technology and various boom barriers are there which can be easily explained you as a proper parking areas”. As the roadside parking is not allowed so these are the precautions that the people are taking. New technologies are there which are helpful to get the updates of parking which is one of the intelligent precautions for parking. It is the proper parking management which can be used for solving the problems proper parking guidance is there to overcome from this. Daily news updates are there which can solve are problem this is the technology which is completely changing our life style in better way.

ZTE has helped us to overcome from the parking issue it is the intelligent or you can say the smart way of introducing the proper management technique. Everyone should follow this and make a good habit of parking. As this is one of the solution which works as proper guidance management.

NB-Io-T-Based Intelligent Roadside Parking Solution

As we talk about any solution than we make a process to reach that solution or involve number of steps that are tried to overcome from the problem and we talk about in the term of proper parking management and proper guidance management than we don’t have to forget that if the problem is vast than the measures which should be applied on it must be effective one.

Number of steps that involve or the layers in the form of proper graph is:

  1. Sensing layer
  2. Network layer
  3. EMS layer
  4. Operational layer

As the above layers work as the solution of NB-IoT. We all are taking help of the technology in our life. And trying to overcome from the problems.

Description of the above layers can help you to understand the real working of the technology which is applied to overcome from the solution or which is helping us in proper Parking Management Solutions and guiding us.


The sensing layer further includes Io-T Detection Units (IDUs), PDAs and smart phones:

IDU: It makes us aware about the vehicle that is parked provides the information that the vehicle is parked or moved away. It updates about the occupation of the parking space to EMS and this can be send through the Io-T.

PDA: Work as inspection terminal or as the name also indicates it’s like detection. Used for collection of fees. As the detection of fees, payments are there.

Smart phones: with the help of smart phones or the app like we chat you can add the parking number, time or the duration, space occupied.


The second one layer which makes us helps in the way of network communication. This works with the help of internet the communication part between the above described PDA and Smart phones as they both deal with the networking part or the networking communication. The communication takes place describes the technology which we are using in this process of proper parking management. As various Boom barriers ate also applied.


This is used to explain the storage part as the above two layer works so the task of storage is provided to EMS this works as the cloud computing and the third layer of the NB-Io-T.


The last layer NB-Io-T which performs the whole functioning that is done by above layers. As the all layers work in systematic way and provide the interface to each other which makes it even the easier way to overcome from the problem and the solution is provided as the layer work.

Boom barriers and the automatic bollards for people are provided for the safety features and are comes under the proper management system more over as the proper guidance system.

Awareness is also provided to overcome from the solution. By ZTE, NB-Io-T this all work with the help of technology.

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