ARB Series produced with hydraulic mechanism, reliable control unit and extensible functions to integrate other systems

Road Blocker

The 5000 series automatic rising road blocker is suitable for embassies and airports, along with other high profile buildings, and comes in lengths of 3 M, 4 M and 5 M, rising 750 mm from the ground. Hydraulic mechanism ensure smooth operations.


      • Noise free smooth operation due to hydraulic mechanism
      • Emergency buttons with lock down
      • Traffic lights and back-indication system
      • Manual Operation in case of Power failure
      • Robust construction built to withstand impacts from vehicles
      • Stop/no entry/warning signage
      • Integral inset warning lights in blocking segment
      • Speedy and durable due to hydraulic pressures
      • Accumulator systems for hydraulic operation in power fail conditions
      • Signalization LEDs blinking during the up and down movement of the blockers
      • High anti-impact and high loading capability

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ARB 5000 86730 Hydraulic 25/50 Ton 20 Million Cycle IP 67
Model ARB 5000
Platform Height 750 mm
Platform Length 3-6 m
Platform Material Fe 360
Platform Finish Powder Polyester Paint
Movement Operations Hydraulic
Rising Time 5 Sec
Lowering Time 3 Sec
Breaking Resistance 18,000,00 J
Impact Resistance 1,000,00 J
Maximum working pressure 30 Bar
Protection Class IP 67
Power Supply 3 Phase 415 V 50 Hz
Power Absorbed -40℃ +70℃
Usage Frequency 2400/day Intensive
Average Life Cycle 20,000,00

1. Military bases
2. Embassies
3. Ministries
4. Government offices
5. Banks
6. Hotel Car parks
7. Commercial Estate
8. Government Sites
9. Industrial Sites
10. Security Check Points


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