sliding gate series with compact geared mechanism and intelligent control unit provide reliable and stable movement

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Sliding Gate Operator

Sliding Gate Actuator: HOUSYS Series of Sliding gate operators with excellent design and high performance are designed and manufactured in Houston facility under the supervision skilled professionals. High quality production ensure smooth and reliable product for intensive use. We produce wide range of gate actuator to meet customisable and challenging need of customers.

Sliding gate motors are irreversible self locking geared motor enclosed by die cast aluminium compact casing. Lubricated internal components and thermal protection ensure long working life, high performance and smooth operations. Limit switch for accurate and safe movement. Control unit with variable features and extensible function to provide better experience in desired application.

EVA, TEVA, OLIS, SOLARI and TURBO series of Sliding Gate Actuator are available with unique features for wide range of residential, commercial and Industrial applications to meet customer satisfaction.

Performance: Automatic sliding gate operator characterized by high efficiency and complete performance. They are impeccable in their movement, elegant design with smooth finish.

Intelligent: Various configurable options to meet customer requirement and ensure smooth gate movement with self learning mode, adjustable opening and closing speed etc.

Innovative: Oil-bath technology with thermal protector, adjustable base, intelligent controls is result of in house innovation.

Safe: Built in encoder ensure safe gate movement reverse on obstacle detection. Optional safety accessories safe edge, photocell and loop sensor provide additional safety.

Compatibility: HOUSYS series of Motorized gates are compatible to integrate with any access control device, boom gates, solar system, GSM module, fire systems etc.

Reliable: In house design and production to achieve quality product with high performance make it more reliable. Own production enhance product quality that makes product more reliable to achieve customer satisfaction.

EVA series with oil bath technology and intelligent control unit with extensive function makes it more suitable for wide range of residential application with intensive use. Compact motor with geared self locking mechanism provide smooth and noiseless operations up to 1000 kg gate.
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TEVA series of electro-mechanical self locking irreversible geared motor with compact design and configurable features to meet wide range of residential application to achieve customer satisfaction. Extensible functions ensures secure and smooth operation for gate up to 1000 kg
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OLIS series with oil bath technology and intelligent control unit with versatile configuration makes it more reliable and smooth. Oil lubrication of reduction gear with high quality components guarantees longer life with intensive use. It is more suitable for wide range of industrial and commercial gates up to 2000 kg.
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Sliding Gate

Solari series of sliding gate Irreversible geared self locking motor with compact control board and high quality aluminium cabinet for industrial and commercial purpose with intensive use. Fan cooled motor with manual release system makes it more suitable for wide range of industrial and commercial gates up to 2200 kg
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Solari PLUS series of sliding gate Irreversible self-locking operator designed for industrial purpose with intensive use. Compact control unit with oil lubricated internal components make it more smooth and reliable. Fan cooled motor and industrial cabinet makes it more suitable for industrial gates up to 2500 kg.
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Turbo series of sliding gate motor with intelligent control panel and robust structure designed for intensive use. In built inverter with oil bath technology makes sliding gate operator more suitable for heavy industrial gate operations up to 4000 kg, 6000 kg actuator also available for special projects.
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