PSIM Technology for Parking Guidance Solution

The Minister of Road Transport and Highways and Shipping, Mr. Nitin Jayram Gadkari and Modi government take strict action regarding road safety. Road safety are the measures and methods which is used to prevent the road users from seriously injured or being killed. Generally, road users are such as vehicle passengers, pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and people travels on public transport.

PSIM stands for Physical security information management. It is an endeavor which works as a software management platform. It collects several unconnected dissimilar subsystems and also controls them with only one single user interface. PSIM technology depends upon the events which is using a computerized workflow processes. This technology provides response in time and is very appropriate.

Parking guidance solution or Parking management solutions helps you to provide a real time indication to the drivers about the available parking places. Many of the display boards are mounted on parking spaces and give proper information to the driver that he or she is near to the parking space. This parking solution guides you about the vacant bays using some bay indicators and signs so that you can easily park you vehicle. These are of many types that are outdoor parking guidance solution, intelligence guidance system and parking information system. Well, there are many traffic signs used to reduce the accidents and injuries on roads such as radar speed signs and variable message signs. These signs are constructed with LEDs and advised you about your speed limit and also gave some important messages regarding traffic safety.

  • Define PSIM Technology in Transport Management.

Physical security information management (PSIM) is a software that you an applications and platform developed by the middleware developers. This arrangement is designed to add several unconnected security devices and applications for to control them with single user interface. These applications are created by the middleware developers. It correlates and collects events from accessible disparate safer information systems and devices to build the recruits to recognize and smartly resolve conditions. PSIM has many benefits such as improved situational awareness, increased control and management recording. Well, the PSIM technology has few capabilities that are reporting, verification, collection and analysis.

  • Key role of PSIM technology in parking guidance solution and toll management solution.

PSIM software system has many key roles but the main six are such as:

  1. Collection:

The PSIM technology is software which is collects data from any of the disparate protection systems or devices. This is the main key role of PSIM.

  1. Analysis:

The PSIM software system mainly correlates and analyzes the events, alarms and data to recognize the genuine conditions and their priorities.

  1. Verification:

This software represents the right situation news in an easy and quick arrangement for an operator to confirm situations.

  1. Resolution:

If any problems occurs than the system provides standard operating procedures. The best policies, practices and tools are used to resolve the situations.

  1. Reporting:

PSIM tracks all the steps and information, also investigate deeply.

  1. Audit trail:

It audits the physical changes to the security systems and also how machinist interrelates with the device.

  • How VMS control the road accident.

VMS stands for variable message signs, it is constructed with LEDs. It is placed on areas like urban arteries and highways. It provides the traffic information like construction, road closures and emergencies. Variable message signs are an electronic traffic signs used to give important information to the travelers about the particular events.

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