The Revolutionary Toll Management Solutions For Leverage In Managing Toll Collection And Overloading Penalties

Toll collection practice has been happening from years. Starting from traditional ways of collecting tolls, it has evolved to extensive usage of technology to increase efficiency and leverage toll collection without much human intervention. But how did this evolution happen from good olden days where traditionally conventional methods were used to collect tolls to modern day usage of technology in each and every aspect of toll management system.  Before digging deep into it, we need to understand how and where it all started.

Evolution of toll collection management

In the good olden days, toll collection started when people paid fees to taken across rivers. However, boats eventually became impractical in carrying goods and materials and new sources of revenues were being looked into. While, the bridges were built, the investment had to be recovered in some way. That’s when loads of goods and materials crossing the rivers on bridges were charged which marked a prominent start to the toll collection on bridges.

With time, the electronic toll systems came in increasing the efficiency by reducing the time taken to collect tolls. This meant a major advantage to the toll management system, wherein the human intervention was reduced. It is being used now and the purpose behind it is to eliminate the delay time while collection of toll charges on toll roads. The primary reason for this is the electronic collection of tolls which is faster. The Electronic Toll Collection identifies the cars passing and checks whether the cars are enrolled in the program. The system then debits accounts of the registered car owners electronically without having them to stop. This reduces the waiting time for everyone as everything happens automatically. This has served well in toll management increasing the efficiency and managing the toll collections electronically with much human intervention involved.

Introduction of on the go weighing machines

When talking about toll collections, weigh in motion machines are also a vital part. These machines are used to weigh big Lorries and charge them accordingly based on their weight of load. If the weight goes beyond certain limit, fines are also charged accordingly. This followed with instances of road accidents due to overloading of trucks beyond permissible limits. As the weight can be calculated with the vehicle on the move, the heavy trucks carrying goods are not allowed unless the extra weight is dropped off the vehicle.

Importance of comprehensive toll management solution

To manage everything, there has to be holistic toll management solutions which provide all kinds of services. That’s where comes into play providing highly advanced and best in class toll collection and management system. This has been in the domain of providing world class automatic toll management systems making it and being that experienced makes the products reliable. It has been providing advanced toll solutions and there are various benefits that the company provides along with the solutions that the management products. This along with the customer support makes the store unique and reliable.

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