Smart Parking Launches New Smart Spot Gateway Solution

Providing adequate parking space to everyone who is in anyway linked to your organization. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to fulfill the need of parking space of everyone. Staff member and client may find it difficult to park their cars in limited parking space. And for this reason smart parking solutions are developed. Smart parking solutions helped drivers to find the space available for parking. So, we can manage parking space efficiently with smart Parking Guidance solution.

What is Smart parking and how it works using sensor technology?

Smart parking use a sensor technology, variable message signs, flexible payment systems and smart navigation mobile map applications to direct the drivers so that they can find parking space in an urban area.

Smart parking allows driver to find parking space with the help of IoT sensors. Drivers can detect the parking space on their mobile via using a mobile app.  A sensor sends radio signal to driver’s mobile about vacant parking space. These sensors are installed in all parking area and so when a parking space is vacant, the sensors that are plugged in that parking space, sends signals to drivers looking for a vacant space.

Smart parking has launched its newly designed smart spot IoT gateway with all improved new features so that it can meet the needs of smart city operators. Its features make it a most flexible gateway in the smart parking market.

Smart spot gateway solution

The Smart Spot Gateway is a flexible IoT building block that enables city operator to begin with the deployment of smart parking sensing. Using the same infrastructure smart spots equip smart cities with the helpful means to have a single ‘street furniture’ device which is installed allover city. The device can is efficient to provide all services like public broadband, safety video surveillance, air quality, lighting control and many more.

How it works

It is an integral part of the company’s ‘smart park’ system. it can be mounted on a pole, wall or ceiling. It collects data from vehicle detection sensors via Wi-Fi communication and transfers that data to cloud parking services system.

One smart spot gateway can serve hundreds of sensors within a city, so it lowers the requirement of gateway units. And less gateway means less cost of ownership.

Smart cloud

Smart spot are centrally managed and operated from the Smart Cloud service platform. The smart cloud services platform provides a comprehensive and flexible service solution for advanced parking service requirements.

Use of automated boom barrier in smart spot

Automatic Boom Barrier offers efficient security at exit and entry point of factories, office, parking lots, toll plaza or any roadway entry. It is used on the place where we can expect heavy traffic. Automated boom barrier have an in built anti crush safety device which can suspend the motion of the boom. Its beam sensor provides protection to vehicles. Automated boom barriers provide safety to vehicles and it also manages and control traffic system at your office.

When a vehicle enters in office building, than vehicle need to go through that boom barrier, so it controlled the availability of parking space for a while.

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