Smart Parking Solutions helpful to Road Traffic and Next Generation

Parking is the main problem that occurs around different cities or countries. To overcome these problems, numbers of Parking Management Solutions are implemented in various areas. Such as usage of NB-Io-T-based intelligent parking system which comes under ZTE technology. This technology is further divided into several layers which work under step by step execution to decrease fluid traffic flow. This provides the real-time updates of the intelligent parking system.

The Smart Parking Guidance Solutions are implemented to control road traffic. Some advanced technologies such as ultrasonic sensors, LED displays and central parking controllers are in use nowadays. To control road traffic message signs for road guidance, a navigator in mobile map applications flexible payment systems are used to help drivers. These advanced techniques are used to aware about parking options in desired locations.

What is LPR based smart parking management?

LPR is known as License Plate Recognition it is further based on Vision based Parking Management. An LPR system depends upon OCR applications. Numbers of phases are involved under this application program such as techniques are used to identify, enhance number plate images. LPR systems use the technique of Computerized Valet Parking Systems which provides an additional Service of Tracking Systems. This system is installed at the entrance and exit of parking areas. An automatic boom barriers technique is used to open the gate while subscription of parking. It is applicable for pre-paid parking and thus it calculates the parking fee automatically. This is a software based application which can be done either by (RS232) external communication processor by application-to-application sending or receiving of messages. After that, the advanced methods are implemented by Dynamic Data Exchange i.e. DDE or one more process is involved such as MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing messages) that are processed under identification cycles. This high-tech Transport Management Solution is used to control the traffic in coming period.

Why parking management solution essentials for next generation?

This we completely understand that population is increasing day by day. Hence the traffic ratio is also rising to a large extent. To stop this number of measures points are implemented which is the essential solution for next generation. Parking Guidance Solutions are the best methods to make everyone aware of traffic conditions. Advance technology is used to add more safety in smart parking solutions. The sensor system based devices are used for intelligent parking system.

You must have heard about automatic rising bollards, these are based on electromechanical and hydraulic technology. These are installed on roads for safety measures and are operated with the help of control panel. It is based on ground wired system which is controlled by control panel ahead. It accepted the command of closing or opening phases.

Intelligent parking system helpful to improve road traffic:

Intelligent parking system includes ZTE technology in this advanced and smart methods are used to improve road traffic. From NB-Io-T-based intelligent parking system, one can get the complete information of traffic flow. The automatic bollards are used for parking management solutions.

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