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Car Park Solutions 

In modern days automobile industry is growing at high pace due to the increase of demand of people. This growth has created new problem to the car parking business owners. To resolve this problem new car park solutions should be installed. We at Houston system provide you smart, cost effective Car Parking Management System.

Using of technology has become a blessing to every industry. Car parking industry is also improving themselves using modern technology. We at Houston system are able to provide cost effective and cost efficient technology which can be useful in shopping centers, city garages parking lots. Internet of things has made all these thing possible.

We also provide low cost sensors to gather real time data. We are able to build new application software for your parking lots if needed. Our main goal is automation of system. By real time data parking lot user can avail information of free parking lot space. It will save time of park lot user.

We offer variety of services such as online payments, parking time notifications and even car searching functionalities for very large lots. We are able to offer you parking solution that can benefit both the user and the parking lot owner.

By the technology driven parking solution we can help you to get can cost efficient parking, by using led light we will bring down energy cost in parking lot users. By our parking solution users can easily find parking spot for car. Our system will save resources and time both.

We are able to build an optimal parking solution. It will decrease driving time in a parking lot, thus it can lowering the amount of daily vehicle emissions and ultimately reducing the global environmental footprint and can save lots of oil. Driver’s payment, spot identification, location search and various notifications can be delivered to the parking lot user using our system and software. This thing will increase number of consumer of the parking lot.

We can set up integrated Payments and POS solutions for users by which they can pay their parking dues. We also build boom barrier, automatic gate. This can replace daily old things manual cash payments will be eradicated by our system. We are also able to provide invoice. We can also set up mobile payment solutions. By using mobile application with a login id users can pay from their phone. By our service you can get valuable user feedback. It will also increase Safety and security of parking lots .our service can benefit parking lot employees and security guards. They can provide real-time data that can help prevent parking violations and any suspicious activity. The user can get real-time data time by time .By a car parking solution can produce data that can uncover correlations and various trends of users and lots.

By using our service you can grow the brand value. If you use our technology driven solution then it will increase and popularise your parking lot.